Sunday afternoon, a 52-year -old maintenance worker was killed while working on The Primeavil Whirl, a lightly themed, mild, spinning roller coaster at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

The cause of the accident is not known, but The Orange County Seriff Department (of Florida) knows that he died from a blow to the head. The worker’s name was Russel Sherry Roscoe.

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    • Quil

      After the Monorail crash, Mission space accidents, and now this, reading that article on Yahoo! gave me serious doubts, But if you realy think about it, so many more people visit The Magic Kingdom alone than any other park on the planet, if you count all accidents at all of the disney parks and compare it to the amount of people that have visited in the entire time the park has been open to the public, the over all ratio would be extremeley low.

  1. Gearhart

    Always horrible news to hear. The last time I was at Disney World was when a worker fell to his death on the Skyway in '99.

  2. Unionjack95

    I am never going on this thing again! This is the second or third Cast Member to die while operating this ride. The last time someone died, Disney even closed the ride down and modified it to provide extra safety precautions!

  3. Garrett Norman

    I was just at Animal Kingdom yesterday with my family and we walked next to that coaster!!! We were wondering why it was closed and had no idea about the accident that had happened not even a week ago!! But, Disney is still the happiest place on earth. I guess happiness does have a cost…

  4. Tammy Spring

    This ride needs to be removed How many people need to be killed before Disney gets the hint?


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