2011 Theme Park Trips – Where Are You Headed?

Steel Eel at SeaWorld San AntonioFlorida vs. Texas
I had been looking to go back to Florida for my most anticipated roller coaster of 2011, Cheetah Hunt. But, while the trip would have had some high quality rides like my all-time favorite Kumba, Rip Ride Rockit, the Wizarding World, and re-rides on great coasters like Mummy, Montu, etc., the number of new rides would have been very low. Meanwhile, Texas will be packed with rides that I’ve never been on. And of course the main attraction will be Texas Giant, my #2 most anticipated coaster of 2011.

So, this year I’m going to finally conquer the Lone Star State by visiting Six Flags Over TexasSeaWorld San Antonio, and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. I’ve been itching to make it down there for years.

I’m also hoping to make it down to Six Flags Over Georgia for Dare Devil Dive. With Atlanta only about 4 hours away it’d be an easy trip for me and I haven’t been on a roller coaster with a drop steeper than 90-degrees yet.

Where Are You Headed in 2011?
With theme park travel about to be in full swing I figured it’d be cool to discuss where everyone’s planning on going this year. And, if you need any advice on choosing which parks to visit I’ll try to help. I invite everyone else to chime in with their take too.

Are you sticking with your local park or headed on to a new park far from home? Are there any big roller coasters that you’re looking forward to or milestones in your coaster count? Leave a comment below and take the poll below.
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