A reader submitted a story about a new proposed theme park for Louisiana. Developers are hoping to open Bon Temps Family Theme Park in the Houma, LA area which is about an hour away from New Orleans. It’s very, very early, but I’m always excited to see even the possibility of a new theme park. Especially with all of the comments readers have left on the Katrina/Six Flags New Orleans and proposed Nick Universe posts. It seems like locals really want another park in the area.

My wife told me that ‘bon temps’ is French for ‘good times’. I guess I should stop telling her that her French classes were useless.

Bon Temps New Theme Park - Louisiana

Here’s a video showcasing the kinds of rides and attractions that the developers would like to see at Bon Temps:

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Visit the official site for Bon Temps Family Theme Park
New Orleans was one of the cities I listed in a recent Gadling article: Top Cities That Need a Major Theme Park.

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  1. Quil

    I think there's going to be at least one steel, one woodie, and one water coaster. It looks like there may be a smaller steel coaster too.

  2. Prof.BAM

    Judging by the basic layout of that woodie in the lower corner, it looks like a GCI. That Steel in the left middle could be an Intamin Mega-Lite.

  3. Quil

    It also looks as if there's a steel placed over a pond in the mid-left.

  4. Prof.BAM

    Why does that volcano at the top remind me of Volcano: The Blast Coaster at King's Dominion?

  5. Jeff Hensley

    Actually, we are looking to put in a GCI Woodie, as well as a Mack Launch Coaster, an S&S Power Free Fly coaster, an Intamin Jet-Ski Coaster, a Water Coaster, and a Mine Ride Coaster.

    But, we are also looking to put in Alterface's Desperados, Cruden's Racing Simulators, and a Madhouse. Also, look for a jungle-cruise type of attraction, a peoplemover, carousel of progress-style show, a Planetarium, and 2 Trains that will move people around the park.

    And, we plan on having 2 live Stunt Shows, a large animal show theater, and a large Amphitheater.

    And, of course, being Louisiana we plan on having the best Theme Park Food around!


  6. Angelo Michel

    It would be REALLY NEAT if you could incorporate a jogging trail, nature trail, fitness trail, bike trail or something healthy like that around and/or through the theme park. Depending on location – this could tie to other attactions, parks, malls – or whatever.

    In the grand scheme of things I think this would be a tiny cost with a huge social impact – showing that you guys care for the community.

    Thanx for listening. I'm looking forward to riding the roller coasters as often as possible. My daughter also.


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