Featured Photo #16 – A Stand-Up Stand Out

Chang at Kentucky Kingdom

This is a photo of one of the corkscrews towards the end of Chang at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I took it on my visit to the park back in 2006.  A diamond in the rough, Chang was easily the highlight of my visit. It had everything you’d want in a steel looper: height, speed, smoothness, and cool looping elements like the inclined (bent over) loop.

I’ve written a lot about Chang because it’s like an exception to the rule when it comes to stand-up coasters. Most, not all, stand-ups are sub-par and uncomfortable. Six Flags Great Adventure fans are lucky to have one of the best loopers I’ve encountered with a shiny new theme and (possibly) some cool effects in Green Lantern. At its core, they should be getting a really good coaster.

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What’s Your Take?
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