Featured Photo #18 – A Cobra & 30 Horses

Cobra Roll Meets Carousel at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

I thought this was an interesting snapshot of the clashing of two eras of amusement rides. I took this photo on my recent trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It was a beautiful park and probably my favorite Six Flags park in terms of aesthetics. There was a surprising amount of greenery and some of the best theming I’d seen at a Six Flags.
Over in the Rockville area that’s themed to look like a Main Street USA circa the 1950’s, I came across this interesting sight. At the end of the street was a carousel with an awesome piece of red curved steel positioned just behind it in Superman Krypton Coaster’s cobra roll.

Disclaimer – I didn’t actually count the horses on the ride, I just looked up the average number of horses I saw in a listing of carousels for sale. So please, classic ride junkies go easy on me.

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