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Superman Krypton Coaster - Fiesta Texas - Six FlagsI’d had my eye on Six Flags Fiesta Texas‘ floorless looper for years. Superman Krypton Coaster looked to have a pretty cool back drop thanks to the park’s rocky cliff walls and a different layout than the other floorless coasters. Plus, Krypton Coaster consistently ranked pretty well in the Internet Coaster Poll. Last month, I finally made it down to San Antonio to take the ride for a spin.

Like most lift hills at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, on Krypton Coaster’s lift you’re treated to a great view of the picturesque park that surrounds you. The park’s lush greenery contrasts beautifully with the grey rock walls. After climbing up above the cliff, the train dips a bit as it leaves the chain lift behind. Then, the track turns to the right eventually dumping the train down a swooping 163′ hill back under the lift. Not only is the scenery cool, but it’s not quite the typical B&M turn-and-dive style first drop.

Then, the train charges into a massive vertical loop with some decent g-forces. With Superman himself perched atop the outside of the loop, Wikipedia calls this the World’s largest vertical loop at 145′. One of the highlights is the next element which has to be unique to the ride as it incorporates the cliff again. The train climbs back up to the wall and does a small helix before diving back down to the ground. It looks like a simple element, but it had a cool down the drain feel as you get those typical helix g-forces and then get dumped down another drop.

Superman Krypton Coaster

Next, Superman really starts to unleash it’s loopy arsenal. After that cool cliff-drop element the train rises up into B&M’s beloved zero-g roll. It’s still one of the best inversions in all of coasterdom. As you leave the roll, you pass right under a section of track and up into the ride’s cobra roll. The two back-to-back inversions can be rough, but I felt that they were only a bit more intense than the previous loops. There’s a great view of the cobra roll over at a nearby water ride and here it is looming over the park’s carousel.

Krypton Coaster - Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Cobra Roll

After the cobra roll, the train enters a brake run and then exits with a  short, but sharp dive to the right. Things do get a bit rougher during the ride’s final two loops. Similar to Medusa at Six Flags Great Adventure and Kumba at Busch Gardens Tampa, Krypton coaster finishes with a set of interlocking corkscrews. The slow, low altitude inversions are nearly back-to-back. After the 6th and final loop and around 4,000 feet of track ,the designers picked a perfect time to take the train back to the station. The loops, g-forces, and drops are fun, but they can be a bit taxing. Am I getting old?

Superman Krypton Coaster lived up to my expectations when I called it a Most Wanted Coaster last year. It reinforces my love for terrain coasters that take advantage of their unique topography. Unlike Rattler’s rough never-ending helix on the other side of the park, Krypton Coaster’s helices and turns atop the cliff walls are fun signature elements you won’t find anywhere else. I almost wish that it would have kept integrating the cliff even if it meant fewer inversions. I can get turned upside-down at any park, but I really enjoyed those cliff interactions.

The ride could use a make-over or refresh of some type. It wouldn’t have to go Bizarro like New England’s Superman coaster, but  an update of some kind would be cool. The station was pretty sparse and as the park’s signature attraction Krypton Coaster could use a little more theming. That’s a small nitpick though as I really enjoyed the ride overall. It’s not a Top Ten Steel coaster for me, but it would probably make my Top 20. With another quality B&M design featuring thrilling loops, a relatively smooth ride, and some one-of-a-kind terrain elements, Super Krypton Coaster is a great roller coaster that’s only an element or so shy of a 9. Final Rating – 8.5 (Great Approaching Excellent)

Superman Krypton Coaster is rated ‘TH’ for Thrilling. It’s a 3 out of 5 on my Thrill Scale because of its six loops. Also, the floorless trains won’t make timid riders any more comfortable as they’re completely open. See the full scale here.

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