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New Hampshire’s Canobie Lake Gets a Compact Looper in Untamed
Untamed New Roller Coaster at Canobie LakeCanobie Lake’s new Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter looks like fun. It’s a compact little ride, but from early reviews it sounds like its just the right size for the park. Its rapid fire layout boasts a vertical lift, 97-degree drop, vertical loop, immelmann, and a great looking zero-g roll.

I really like the seldom seen dark green track. Plus, the tree-themed supports were a nice touch. It looks like a strong addition for the park. I think any smaller park or even a larger park that could use a new ride to round out their collection could be home to one of these compact loopers. I haven’t ridden it, but it looks like money well spent to me.

I’m still looking forward to my first ever beyond 90-degree drop on another Euro-Fighter, Dare Devil Dive, later this summer.

Here’s a POV video of Canobie Lake’s Untamed:

Note – These videos were filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Read the Boston Herald’s coverage with reactions from locals.

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Untamed looks? Have you ridden it? Leave a comment or short review below.

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  1. It looks great! I've actually been on the clone of Untamed at Adventure Island (Rage) – They're great little coasters that pack a big punch. The Barrel roll is one of the best parts of the ride.

  2. It looks fun even if it's a little short.

  3. Looks like fun! Every park could use a small coaster to help fill their needs and shorten other lines.. I wish the economy were better so that they could either spring the extra dough for some custom jobs or, even better, a full-sized layout.

  4. It's a short ride. The eurofighter by me is at least 90 seconds. Untamed doesn't crack a minute. Their Domineering coaster in Japan looks good.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun to me! 🙂 I'm really starting to like Gerstlauer's eurofighters. They give great ecitement in an action-packed layout that doesnt take up a big footprint. Im really looking forward to seeing what the company does in the future. Takabisha blew me away when I saw it though!

  6. It was as mentioned before, a quick coaster, but enough to get you excited. The barrel roll was definite the signature part of the ride, especially it leading into a loop. Nevertheless, I thoroghly enjoyed it, me being a roller coaster person. It isn't like the Hulk or Dueling Dragons, which are longer rides, but its perfect for its setting.

  7. It is fun! I rode it a few weeks ago. It's a short ride, but definitely worth it. I like twisty inversions, and that's basically what you get here after the first drop.

    My experience with the 97-degree drop was that you really can't tell it's more than 90 degrees, but I guess it makes for bragging rights. In a little while I'll be going to Hersheypark and will get the chance to ride Fahrenheit, a larger Intamin coaster that has a taller 97-degree drop. It'll be interesting to compare.

  8. …and while I liked the roll, I think my favorite inversion was actually that first loop. It *feels* bigger than it is, because it's not that much shorter than the lift hill, so you're going relatively slowly at the top.


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