UPDATE – The announcement has been made. Read all about Theme Park Hype

Next week, look out for a massive announcement that I’m going to share on the blog. Like I said back in my 5 Year post, my upcoming projects won’t be shrouded in mystery and subterfuge like they have in the past. That’s mostly true as next week all (most everything) will be revealed. And in the coming weeks, some will be invited to a preview or soft opening of the new site.

Like my past projects the new site follows my tenets of bringing theme park fans together and trying to provide something new and different:

Hype T-Shirt

A Fresh & Unique Idea
The new site will be like nothing else in our little theme park corner of the Web. And, thanks to a new twist on an existing idea, it will be unlike anything (that I’ve encountered at least) on the Web as a whole.

An Inclusive Place Where All Can Play
Whether you’re a theme park expert or novice, a web site owner or just have a Facebook page, the new site will be of interest to you.

Interaction & Collaboration in a New Way
Ready for new ways to interact with other theme park fans and see what the masses think about something in just a glance?

The big announcement will happen on 6/24. So be sure to come back and see what all the hype is about.

What’s Your Take?
Any guesses as to what the announcement will be? Leave a comment below.

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9 Responses

  1. Matt

    Maybe something like a facebook for theme park fans? Or something from the top 3 ideas for new theme park websites?

  2. Quil

    "Where all can play."….


    I have a good Idea of what it might be.

      • Quil

        I think I'll wait, even though I hate anticipation, I love trying to guess what something will be, and I have less than a week to wait.

        PS-Are those 1000+ coments just as Quil, or are you including my comments as QB3 as well.

  3. JamesPoster

    Can't wait for this announcement! I have no clue what it'll be though…


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