Featured Photo #21 – Should They Be Standing?

Shockwave - Kings Dominion - Stand Up Roller CoasterThis is a photo of Kings Dominion’s Shockwave. As much as I dislike it, for its rough, jerky hills during the second half, there are still some who enjoy it.  At least it never produced an extreme amount of leg pain like Mantis at Cedar Point.

After the not-so-great reviews of Green Lantern, Six Flags Great Adventure’s reborn stand-up, I started to wonder again about the inconsistency of these roller coasters. They may have seemed like a novel idea initially, but with constant reports of leg pain and uncomfortable groins, one has to wonder if they’ll be around much longer. I imagine that they get just enough ridership to be kept in operation.

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What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Shockwave at Kings Dominion or other stand-up roller coasters? What do you think of this photo? Leave a comment below.

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