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6 Best Theme Park Tips Posts

Over the years I’ve tried to share my tips for theme park trips. Here are my best posts in that category.

Flash Pass or No Flash Pass
Six Flags' Q-Bot Flash PassNo one likes waiting in line at amusement parks. But when is it a good idea to fork over the extra cash to pay for a flash pass? In this post I offer a guide that’ll help you decide whether buying a flash pass or other line-skipping pass is a good idea for your next trip. Read Is Six Flags Flash Pass Worth It?

Get Over Your Fear of Roller Coasters
I’m always surprised how many comments I get from people who are afraid of coasters and want tips on how to overcome their fears so that they can enjoy an upcoming trip with friends. As a former coaster scaredy-cat myself, I can relate. In a post inspired by pilot Pete Trabucco’s book, I recounted his tips for getting over a fear of roller coasters. Read How to Overcome a Fear of Roller Coasters

Best Times To Visit Parks
The month, day of the week, and even the time of day can greatly affect the crowds that you encounter while you’re at a theme park. It’s always best to plan ahead and avoid the busiest days. The less busy a park is the more rides you’ll be able to get on. The more rides, the more bang for your buck. Check out this post where I rank The Best Days to Visit Theme Parks.

Theme Park Discounts, Deals, Coupons
Every year I put up a post where readers can share the many discounts and coupons that are out there. From coupons at gas stations and fast food restaurants to membership discounts like AAA, I’m hoping that once again we can share where the deals are. See the current deals and add any that you might know of at: Theme Park Discounts, Coupons, & Deals.Coaster Critic at Kings Island

Pros & Cons of Solo Theme Park Trips
If you’re a big fan of theme parks like myself you might find that sometimes you’d like to go, but you don’t have anyone else who’s interested in going with you. Most visit theme parks in groups, but some (like myself) occasionally do a solo trip and they enjoy it. In this post I covered the pros and cons of going to theme parks by yourself. Read Solo Trips to Theme Parks

Tips for Overweight Riders
With America’s obesity epidemic no one should be surprised that theme park-goers are having trouble fitting on some rides and roller coasters. I wrote a post after some riders were turned away from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter ride. It includes a link to the site A Fat Girl’s Guide to Living which had more tips and resources. Read Amusement Park Tips for Overweight Guests

Recently I, along with a number of other theme park experts, was included in an article on called: 10 Theme Park Survival Tips.

What’s Your Take?
These are some of my best tips, do you have any theme park travel tips? Leave a comment below.