Green Lantern: First Flight Opens as Six Flags Magic Mountain’s 18th Roller Coaster
Magic Mountain recently unveiled their second new roller coaster in the same yearGreen Lantern First Flight Opens at Six Flags Magic Mountain as Green Lantern: First Flight opened as the park’s 18th roller coaster. At 18, Six Flags Magic Mountain has the most roller coasters of any theme park in the World. The strange looking ride is a 4th dimension roller coaster which features seats that can spin 360 degrees.

The Coaster Guy’s Coverage – A Different Ride Every Time
Back on June 30th friend of the blog, The Coaster Guy, attended Green Lantern: First Flight’s media day. He has some great coverage of the event and the new roller coaster. Green Lantern is an Intamin ZacSpin and unlike Magic Mountain’s other 4th dimension coaster, X2, the seats spin freely depending on the weight distribution of the riders.

The Coaster Guy and his riding partner were a good bit heavier than the kids sitting behind them. So, their ride included a lot of pressing against the restraints. It sounds like he liked the ride, but your ride could vary each time depending on gravity and the weight of the riders.

Read The Coaster Guy’s coverage of the Green Lantern: First Flight media day.

Also check out this great HD video of Green Lantern at Six Flags Magic Mountain (featuring both on-ride and offride footage):

Caution – Don’t put your volume up to high there’s lots of screaming toward the end. Note – These videos were filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Green Lantern: First Flight? Leave a comment and rate it using the poll below. Image courtesy of Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Facebook page.[poll id=”38″]

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  1. Matt

    Wow i thought it would spin much more than it did on the video. Weight distribution must cause some rides to not spin and it would be a very boring ride. The only time i saw a spin was on that last bump before the breaks. Still looks good though.

  2. Ducky

    Living 45 minutes away from Six Flags Magic Mountain I visit frequently, But this ride is not Six Flags quality, Im not waiting in a 3+ hour line for a ride that is a minute long.

    • MDC

      Really? This ride's identical twin, Insane at Grona Lund, placed 41st in the Mitch Hawker Poll, which is higher than any other coaster at Magic Mountain except for X2 and Tatsu.

      My advice is to ride it, and then tell us what you think.

  3. OSM

    From the reviews I have read, even if you don't flip, the ride is still an out-of-control experience with surprising pops of ejector air. Then if you do flip, it's completely insane.

  4. Prof.BAM

    Will there be a coaster showdown between Green Lantern and First Flight? I wonder if Intamin will do anything major with their Zac-Spins other than 10-15' wide.

  5. DC

    Looks like fun! And definitely a new concept, agreed? I like the idea that no two rides will be identical, like the spinning mouse rides. A nice, medium-sized ride that would be a good addition, especially for parks with limited space. I'm all about design, not speed or size, so I look forward to what the next generation of this genre will bring.

  6. Brian

    We missed the opening of this by a month, but I did like how it looked. Can't wait to go back to SFMM to take a ride on it!

  7. MDC

    I'm excited that this sort of ride has finally made its way to the States! I can't wait to ride it some day. 🙂

  8. PAL

    Don't be fooled by the off-ride footage and POVs. This is one crazy, intense ride with or without flips. The G forces are strong and abrupt, the feeling unlike any other coaster type. It's a great addition to the park, something that must be experienced to understand.

    I took three laps on media day. The first was balanced – no flips. The next two trips gave up two and then one spin. Nutty! The last spin into the station is a whirlwind. Even with the soft restraints, my shoulders griped a couple days.

  9. Gearhart

    I'm already planning a trip down during haunt season to check this out as well as backwards Colossus and the Ghost Galaxy version of Space Mountain. It looks pretty wicked though short.

  10. eric

    I'm going to be blunt and say that it was a flop because of the amount of wasted time waiting for them to fix a bug in the system WHILE I WAS ALREADY BUCKLED IN MY SEAT in 80-90 degree heat.

    I might change my opinion when they get this thing running normally and when they allow rerides after getting stuck on it for 30-40 minutes.

  11. Matt

    Oh I so could not wait to do a write up on this monstrosity. If you enjoy pain through out your entire body this is the ride for you.

    I have been on some crazy canival rides but this by far takes the cake in violent movements and whiplash inducing spins. I would say that the ride is far to short for the amount of time you spend in line, but the 40 seconds I was on this thing was 40 seconds to long. I had my head bashed 4-5 times and ended up with deep brusies on my calves when the car was entering the station spun so violently it smashed my legs into the bottom of the seat I was in. As I was limping out of the station they were helping to unbuckle another rider that had been knocked cross eyed with the same entrance. I though that I had discoved the worst coaster in the states with Iceman at SF mid america, this one exceeds Iceman as far as pain levels. I rate this coaster a 1 of 10 if only to serve as warning to others about the far too extreme movements of this caoster, I would not recommend this ride to anyone.

  12. Polina Power

    Let me just say that this is THE WORST RIDE I HAVE EVER RIDDEN ON! If you are 5 feet tall, you definatly should not ride this dumb ride. They are going to send Deja Vu to the east coast, and they should just send this one away too. I was on the outside part and I could see the whole park. Sure that was cool but I felt I was going to fall out. I hurt my shoulders really badly and my mom hurt her legs. I hate this ride and it should just be demolished.

  13. Kris

    This was one of the worst and most painful coasters I've ever been on. 2 days later and I am still sore. As my partner and I sat on it waiting to unload, we both remarked that we were glad we weren't male, or else we'd be rushing to the hospital after the multiple times we were racked on the pelvis guard. On top of that, the seat is so high up off the ground from where you board, and the pelvic guard comes up so high that getting in and out were VERY difficult. I'm 5'8 and I had to have someone help pull me up and over the guard. Of course, that might also have had something to do with the fact I thought the ride was going to shatter my pelvis. I will never ride this again.

  14. Kevin

    Just visited the park recently and found Green Lantern: First Flight to be a quick ride and, honestly, a little painful. That last drop can prove to be a real doozy for men, as it may slam you into your seat and cause some pain in the gonads.

  15. Mark

    I had a ride on a recent visit that was very imbalanced and the car flipped a lot. It was probably the least pleasant coaster ride I've ever had. I like Tatsu and other extreme coasters but the ZacSpin was not fun, at least not for me.

    I'd be willing to try a second ride but I'd want to ensure the car's weight was balanced.

  16. Eric

    5-9-12 – My daughter and I went to SFMM today and rode Green Lantern. This ride sucks! I have welts and scratches on my shoulder, chest and arm. I also somehow got a notch cut out of my hand. It also bashed my head around. The ride throws you into the harness and back to the seat. I really hated this ride! My daughter also got bashed around and hated it. I liked X2 and other rides. this is the worst ride ever!!! Two thumbs down

  17. Rosie

    I love roller coasters but this one looks way too scary to ride. If I hafta be honest it looks kinda like a deathtrap waiting to happen

  18. Eric

    I picture Six Flags Over Georgia likely rolling out a new coaster in 2014.

    I could picture either: a clone of SFMM’s Green Lantern: First Flight (Intamin ZacSpin coaster), with the Green Lantern: First Flight name. Or a clone of SFA’s Joker’s Jinx/SFFT’s Poltergeist (Premier Rides LIM Spaghetti Bowl coaster)… possibly with the Apocalypse name. Or maybe both… one debuting in 2014, the other debuting in 2015. That’s a thought.

  19. Aaron Howard

    After riding the new Full Throttle at Magic Mountain a couple of days ago, My friend an I decided to go on the Green Lantern, because it was the only ride there we had never been on. Well, the two rides are almost polar opposites. Full Throttle was the best new ride I’ve been on in years. Green Lantern is likely the worst roller coaster I’ve every been on. There’s a lot of reviews talking about a different experience every time based on weight distribution. This is something I will not find out for myself. The pain experienced on this ride could only be fun for a masochist. I can’t imagine that different weight distribution would keep you from jerking quickly in the opposite direction with your entire groin, abdominal and chest areas pressed against the restraints. Every other person we asked said the same thing. From horrible pain to discomfort, this ride delivers a blow to the body for any one who has the misfortune of being locked into one of their pain traps. I officially name this Green Gut Smasher.


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