Is Iron Wolf Leaving Six Flags Great America for Six Flags America?

Iron Wolf Could Be Headed from Chi-Town to the Capital, Just Like the Pres.Iron Wolf - Six Flags Great America
Arguably one of the most trusted news source in the industry, Screamscape, has reported that stand-up roller coaster Iron Wolf is leaving Six Flags Great America (Chicago). Built in 1990, RCDB lists Iron Wolf as Bolliger & Mabillard’s first roller coaster. Apparently Six Flags America (Washington D.C.) has been rumored to receive a B&M coaster to replace Skull Mountain. Lance from Screamscape has pretty much confirmed Iron Wolf’s removal, but hasn’t confirmed its new location. If you connect the dots though, as he did here, it makes sense that Iron Wolf could be headed to Six Flags America.

Knowing the size of Six Flags America, how the company has invested in it, and its¬†perceived¬†importance in the chain, a relocated 20+ year old roller coaster sounds about right. I missed Iron Wolf on my trip to Six Flags Great America as the park shut it down when rain moved in. I would imagine it’s somewhat like Vortex at my home park Carowinds. Given it’s age and the fact that it’s a stand-up it’s probably a bit on the rougher side. But, for a park that hasn’t received a new roller coaster in so many years, local fans should be excited. I wonder if it’ll carry the Green Lantern theme or some other DC Comics super hero.

Here are overhead views of Iron Wolf at SFGA and Skull Mountain at SFA:

Iron Wolf Leaving Six Flags Great AmericaIron Wolf Headed to Six Flags America 2012

They’re at the same ‘scale’ in Google Maps. I’m not sure if that means the Skull Mountain area is much bigger than Iron Wolf or if that’s just an issue with satellite images. I don’t claim to know ‘Wolf’s dimensions, but I could see it sliding into Six Flags America in that location. It would look pretty cool with Roar to the left and Wild One behind it.

What’s Your Take?
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