Top 3 All-Time Favorite Roller Coaster Rides

Top 3 Thursdays!Reader DC suggested I write the antithesis of Top 3 Worst Roller Coaster Experiences, my all-time favorite roller coaster rides. I’ve ridden over 200 roller coasters and had probably over a thousand actual rides. Of those rides these are the three that stand out the most.

3 – A Train of Our Own On Raging Wolf Bobs at Geauga Lake (Fall 2005)
I do a lot of solo trips, so it was fun visiting Geauga Lake back in 2005 with a partner in crime for a change. I cleverly inserted a trip to the park in our plans to go to travel to Eastern Ohio for a wedding. It’s a good thing that I did as the park closed for good only a few years later.

It was a dreary, chilly Sunday in the Fall. Geauga Lake was pretty empty and we rode nearly everything there with almost no wait. The woodie, Raging Wolf Bobs surprised me with its pretty smooth and interesting course. I braced for the worst my whole way through the first ride and was surprised to find that I could pretty much let go and just enjoy the ride. My wife wasn’t a big fan of wooden coasters and I had been abused enough over the years that I was pretty shell-shocked. Raging Wolf Bobs was a kind of diamond in the rough. We rode it at least three times and at times we had the train to ourselves. Later, I found out that the ride had┬áreceived┬ásome extensive rehab. So anyone who may have ridden before this time may have had a much rougher experience.

Raging Wolf Bobs - Geauga Lake

While she doesn’t keep a top ten list, I’ve reminded my wife for years after that trip that her number one woodie was Raging Wolf Bobs. Read my Geauga Lake posts to learn about its relocated rides and its demise.

Demon at Six Flags Great America

2 – A Shockingly Fun Ride on Demon at Six Flags Great America (Summer 2006)
The 30 year old Arrow Looper known as Demon is not a showstopper by any means, but it did almost overshadow my ride’s on the Great America’s main attraction Raging Bull. I was just so impressed and caught off guard by the ride’s unusual smoothness (it’s not a B&M, but for it’s age it was great) and the fun, campy Demon theme. I loved that the park was still playing the 70’s theme song in the station. The highlight was the short tunnel with disco-lights that kind of follow you as you zoom through it. I also liked the corkscrew right by the waterfall of blood. Everything was dated, but well-executed and a lot of fun for this looping coaster fan. Read my full Demon at Six Flags Great America review.

1 – Unforgettable Night Rides on The Beast at Kings Island (Summer 2007)
After years of anticipation I finally made the trip to Kings Island and took on the legendary Beast. Just as I’d heard, the massive terrain coaster took me on an unreal adventure through the Ohio wilderness. I know that some aren’t a fan of its circuit, but I found it amazing and unlike anything else. Maybe I’ve made coasters like it on Roller Coaster Tycoon years ago. Or maybe it was a lot like the imaginary coasters I daydream about, but flying through the woods at night with no like but the moonlight and fireflies decorating the trees was easily one of the best coaster experiences of my life. Read my full review of The Beast at Kings Island.

What’s Your Take?
What are your all-time favorite roller coaster rides? Was it about the people you rode with or the ride that the roller coaster delivered? Chime in by leaving a comment below. Images courtesy of Coaster Image.