Fury Billboards Popping Up Around Charlotte - Carowinds ScarowindsFor about a month now I’ve been seeing billboards in the Charlotte area that simply read “FURY”. The billboards have nothing but the four giant letters with a kind of steel-texturing to them. I figured that this had to be some type of viral marketing campaign as the sign didn’t mention any other details. No web address, phone number, P.O. Box, or anything. I Googled “charlotte fury billboards” and the most relevant thing that came up was a link to the Charlotte Fury Dragon Boat Racing team. I started to wonder if the billboards had something to do with the Carowinds’ 2012 announcement although the theme of the billboards was nothing like the WindSeeker teases.

Fury - Whats All the Rage AboutIf you google that term now, you likely see a Carowinds Connection link where I mentioned it in a 2012 speculation thread. More recently, Lance from ScreamScape has written about it. He reported that a radio commercial directs people to WhatsAllTheRageAbout.com. The site looks similar to the billboards and it allows you to enter your email address so you can receive updates. He was able to confirm that a marketing agency that Cedar Fair uses registered that domain name.

A Halloween Attraction Featuring Gamma Radiation?
There’s some pretty weird copy just visible behind the email capture box. The language below reminds me more of a super drug or how I used to feel after taking N.O.-Xplode before a workout:

…achieve anything you desire. Obstacles will crumble before you, and the world will choke on your dust. All you to do is contact us. Tap into your inner beast and make destiny your plaything. The science of tomorrow, starts right now. Fury. Let’s rage.

Obviously, the timing of the campaign would lead one to think that the billboards are tied to Scarowinds, the park’s annual Halloween event. Someone at CarowindsConnection mentioned that they found a maze that was recently registered with that name in public records. But they didn’t provide a link.  It seems to be quite a strange theme for a Scarowinds attraction. I’m not a big Halloween event guy, but I’m missing the connection between a kind of super human test program and the typical ghouls, ghosts, and goriness that we encounter in October. On top of that, the Scarowinds web site (beware clickers, it’s a gory site) doesn’t mention “FURY” although I did find it in the source code of the site.

What’s Your Take?
Do you have any insight as to what the “FURY” is all about? Any guesses as to what the park could be up to? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Prof.BAM

    Could it possibly be a year-round haunted attraction? or a rethemed attraction? Maybe Carowinds is adding something else in 2012. A huss giant frisbee could also be coming.

    • CFC

      I doubt the frisbee story, since they announced WindSeeker, but who knows? The WindSeeker in the video is not in front of Intimidator, which leaves the space open for another ride. This will be interesting to follow.

  2. Piedude81

    I don't know… All I can add is that it is probably not a BIG year round attraction because of last years addition of Intimidator. Maybe a haunted dark ride?

  3. coasterer22

    I don't know. They just announced thier next "year round attraction" (Windseeker), so I doubt they would already start a campaign for another one. It probably has to do with Scarowinds.

    • Piedude81

      True. I don't know much about Carowinds. If they have a water park, it could be a new slide.

    • The Coaster Critic

      Thanks Amanda. Nice find. I still don't get the how this theme will fit with a maze, but I'm looking forward to finding out more. There's a Scarowinds media day in mid-September that might shed some more light on the issue.

  4. George

    The new maze is basically going to be about people being turned into government engineered bio weapons, but now they're breaking out and on a rampage. More or less like DefeX meets Virus Z (at Knotts).

  5. The Coaster Critic

    This mystery has been thoroughly solved. A day after I wrote this I received an invite to the Scarowinds Media Event which mentions the Fury maze. Ah well, it was fun to speculate for a little while.

  6. Cameron

    I work in Fury, for those of you who don't know which hopefully most, if not all of you know Fury is a Maze in Scarowinds, the Maze is based around Captain America and the drug he took to become a 'superhero'. this is the first year Fury has been at Scarowinds and it did replace slaughter house.

  7. Courtney moss

    The Fury is the new maze for 2011 at SCarowinds:) if you didn’t already know!! Scence it is 2012:) sorry I was really late!!:/


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