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The Daily Beast/Newsweek Cover “The Scariest Summer” – New Theme Park Rides Debuting This Year
In Newsweek’s current issue, writer Chris Lee covers a handful of new attractions that debuted this year. They include Cheetah Hunt, Dare Devil Dive, and a few others. I was quoted in the section on Bay Beach Amusement Park’s Zippin Pippin. It was quite a thrill for me. If you happen to get Newsweek, check out the article which starts on page 44. The Daily Beast (a name Kings Island fans should love) recently acquired Newsweek.

You can view the full article on the merged Newsweek/The Daily Beast website: “The Scariest Summer” by Chris Lee

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  1. Cade

    This article was really interesting. I agree with you completely when you say there is something special about a ride that bridges the age gap when most rides are closing. Thank you and congrats on another media appearance.


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