Six Flags Great America’s Rumored 2012 Wing Coaster

Is Six Flags Great America Adding a B&M Wing Roller Coaster for 2012?
Chicago area theme park, Six Flags Great America could be in for quite an upgrade. They’re losing B&M stand up coaster Iron Wolf, which is rumored to become Apocalypse at DC’s Six Flags America, but they may be gaining a first-of-its kind in the U.S. ScreamScape has reported that the park may be getting a B&M Wing Rider or Wing Coaster likeĀ Gardaland’s Raptor and Thorpe Park’s 2012 coaster The Swarm.Gardaland Raptor - BM Wing Coaster Wing Rider

Six Flags Great America and B&M have a solid history. Iron Wolf was B&M’s first roller coaster, Batman: The Ride is a landmark roller coaster that began the company’s long running success with inverted coasters, and Raging Bull was one of B&M’s first mega or hyper coasters. ScreamScape also mentioned that Six Flags recently registered the name “X-Flight”. Could this be name and design for Six Flags Great America’s 2012 roller coaster? We won’t have to wait long to find out. The park is scheduled to make an announcement on Thursday, September 1.

The park is teasing the new ride with this puzzle piece image on their Facebook page where they’ll reveal more and more as the announcement approaches.

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UPDATE 9/2 – Six Flags Great America has confirmed the wing coaster rumors as they announced X-Flight for 2012. Read more and watch a video here.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of this rumor? Do you think Six Flags Great America should get a B&M Wing Coaster? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of RCDB and Gardaland.