Skyrush Roller Coaster - Hersheypark 2012 - Winged Seats

Skyrush to Fly Over Hersheypark in 2012

Hersheypark’s New Skyrush Roller Coaster to Provide a One-of-a-Kind Ride in 2012
A 200-foot tall winged coaster called Skyrush will dominate Hersheypark’s skyline in 2012. The PA park’s 12th roller coaster will feature a hyper coaster-like layout with high speeds, banked curves, and airtime hills. Skyrush will also add an interesting twist to the genre via its winged cars. There will be two floored seats in the middle and then two floorless seats on the outsides of each train car. The two outer floorless seats will be winged or staggered a bit back from the center seats. The ride will begin with a speedy climb to the twenty story peak followed by a drop that will accelerate the trains to 75 mph.

Skyrush Roller Coaster - Hersheypark 2012 - Winged Seats

I definitely didn’t expect Skyrush to be a hyper coaster, but also feature these four-across seats. At first I thought that the trains might be similar to Intamin’s winged coaster Furius Baco at Port Aventura, but from the description and video they may be some new type of trains. I’d love to hear other’s thoughts, but Skyrush’s trains look pretty much like B&M’s newer hyper coaster trains except the outer seats will be floorless.  Regardless, it sounds like Skyrush will provide a unique experience.

Visit the official Hersheypark Skyrush coaster website.

Here’s a video showcasing past rides and hyping up Hersheypark’s 2012 roller coaster Skyrush:


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