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Titan at Six Flags Over Texas | Roller Coaster Reviews

I was overcome by euphoria. For a moment, there was just so much joy that I was speechless. All of that emotion/thoughts and Titan had only begun. To be fair, Six Flags Over Texas’ hyper coaster Titan was only partially responsible for me state of nirvana. As I climbed the orange skyscraper’s 245′ lift hill, I had an excellent view of the surround area including the beautiful Cowboys Stadium. Two of my passions the Dallas Cowboys and roller coasters collided and and I nearly geeked out so much driven heart attack if that’s possible. About the only thing that would made it better would have been having my favorite super hero or martial artists as a riding companion. Chuck Norris as Walker Texas Ranger would have been appropriate given my location.

After the intense g-forces from similar coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Goliath, caused me to gray out, I was apprehensive about Titan. Would the Texas version tun the lights down as well? Some coaster fans don’t mind gray outs, but I do.  Either way, I had to give the ride a spin. Hyper coasters are must ride for their height and speed.

It was the New Texas Giant’s opening day. The surge in attendance caused a longer than usual wait for Titan. Guests told Titan - Six Flags Over Texasme they hadn’t waited so long in a while. After Titan’s climb and my moment, I remembered where I was.  I wiped away my nerd tears and got back to the business at hand. On the opening drop we plummeted back to, and then below, the Earth. The train charged swiftly in and out of an underground tunnel. Then, we rocketed up and into a tall banked turn. The second drop had a little air and seemed especially fun. Next, was the ride’s only true somewhat parabola-shaped hill. Most hyper coasters boast many of these hills as they’re most effective at producing airtime. I don’t remember this hill delivering much airtime, but I was likely distracted and bracing myself for the ensuing helices.

Titan careens into an upward 540-degree helix. The tight turn is packed with g-forces and I start to experience a little graying out just before the track flattens out. The train enters a brake run high above the ground. Coming to a halt, the train begins to creep forward again. Dumped out of brake run with an heavily banked turn to the left. Next, Titan does a couple turns which set up a lengthy downward helix close to the ground. This more intense helix similar to Goliath’s had a similar effect as I grayed out a bit before we exited the element. Titan finishes with another turn and then the station brakes.

Good Roller Coaster ReviewsOverall, Titan’s a good roller coaster. Texans should be happy to have a fun hyper coaster at their park. For the well-traveled coaster fan though, Titan doesn’t really measure up to some of the greater hypers out there. Still, I give Titan the same rating as Magic Mountain’s Goliath, a 7 out of 10. It’s a solid ride and if you don’t mind graying out, you might really like it. For me though, one spin on this orange monster was enough. Final Rating – 7.0 (Good)

Here’s an off-ride video of Titan at Six Flags Over Texas. Sorry I couldn’t find a professional POV video:

What’s Your Take?
What would you rate Titan at Six Flags Over Texas? Have you had a similar experience? By that, I mean the g-forces, not the Cowboys and coasters moment. Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of Flickr user LostinTexas.