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Win An “Eat Sleep Ride” T-Shirt

Eat Sleep Ride - Happy National Roller Coaster DayWin An Eat Sleep Ride T-Shirt
I’m kicking off my first ever t-shirt giveaway. You can win one of my custom designed Eat Sleep Ride T-Shirts. It’s easy. To enter the giveaway:

1. Like my Facebook page
2. Join Theme Park Hype
3. Submit an entry via my contact form with your name on Facebook and your user name on Theme Park Hype

I’ll do a random drawing next week and announce the winner on Tuesday, August 23rd. Update – Due to the issues that the site went through this week, I’m going to extend the entry period to Saturday, August, 27th. I’ll draw the winner at midnight and make the announcement on Sunday.

Cool Stuff Being Unearthed on Theme Park Hype
Theme Park Hype - Social Link & News Sharing SiteTheme Park Hype is my new website where fans are sharing some interesting theme park-related stories and links. Here’s a random sample of some of the submissions: a detailed review of Takabisha the World’s steepest coaster, a trip report of an abandoned amusement park, teal B&M track and other construction photos from Canada’s Wonderland, and one of the site’s first submissions a stalker-ish video of Cedar Fair’s new president walking around Valleyfair! That takes theme park geekdom to a new level.

Bonus Content & Updates on Facebook
If you enjoy the blog, then you’ll like the bonus content that I post on Facebook that’s not really worthy of a full post. For example, my images of the Carowinds’ Wright Brothers-themed 2012 announcement invite and goofy stuff like me sporting a working Green Lantern ring that Six Flags mailed me.

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