Apocalypse Stand Up Coaster Coming to Six Flags America in 2012
Six Flags America (Washington D.C.) will be replacing the recently removed Skull Mountain ride with the park’s first new roller coaster in years. The park will be re-theming Six Flags Great America’s stand up coaster Iron Wolf as Apocalypse – The Last Stand. The Bolliger & Mabillard stand up coaster will be 100 feet tall, 2,900 feet long, and top out at 55 mph. Apocalypse is scheduled to open on May 25, 2012.

Here’s a video previewing Six Flags America’s Apocalypse roller coaster:

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What’s Your Take?
I’ll be adding my take in the coming days, but what do you think of this new coaster for Six Flags America? Leave a comment below and vote in this first impression poll. [poll id=”48″]

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22 Responses

    • coasterer22

      Yeah that confused me too! I also wonder when SFA will get a NEW coaster, not a rough, used one like this.

    • coasterluv

      i think it was the "last stand" of them removing rides before they finally add one. LOL!

  1. Prof.BAM

    I remember well my only experience on this coaster. back in July '09 the park's power got shut off and I was stuck just outside of the station with a wedgie in that standing position for 45 minutes. Is it just me, or does the track in the logo look like arrow track?

  2. Matt

    The name is cool but I hope they actually add some good theming touches. And the color scheme is also awesome!

  3. Kye

    I love they had the nerve to call it a "new" experience. Yet another season of skipping SFA for me.

  4. L.J.

    My take:

    Noot impressed at all really. The ride isnt a new or innovative idea its actually quote old. The skull decoration oon that wood coaster looks cool (or has that always been there ???) but other than that this isnt really a must ride for me. Maybe if I went (dnt plan on it) Id ride it but ehh..

  5. Gearhart

    It should be good for the park from a GP standpoint but as an enthusiast, totally lack luster. At the very least it gives me another chance to get the credit as I never rode the Wolf. It seems like it may at least get some new rolling stock and hopefully they rehab the track to help improve the rough experience.

  6. MBrilhart

    Bring back Skull Mountain! This old nut-crusher isn't worth losing Skull Mountain for. Come on Six Flags; we wait 10 years for a new coaster, and you send us a hand-me-down that's nearly 20 years old, and tear out one the best attractions in the park just to make room for it. Not excited in the slightest…

  7. Arthur

    Dude, I have stopped going to Six Flags 5 years ago because they didn't build anything new. I go to Kings Dominion in Virginia now.. Honestly, 55mph? Give me a break. I drive my car faster then that everyday. Looks like another trip to Kings Dominion this year.

  8. Evan

    As in Last Stand, I'm guessing Six Flags promises not to move any Stand Ups anymore :p

  9. Anonymous

    Okay. Went on the ride and was disappointed. I'm always in the mood for a thrill and this ride did not live up to my expectations. Overall the ride was just like or similar to the mind eraser or the Joker ride. I still believe that the Superman ride is THE best ride at SFA. My wife, she loves the Joker ride. If I were to give this ride (Apocalypse) a grade, one out of ten I would give it a 4 and 1/2. The anticipation of walking along the gate walk to the ride left me in suspense. But from the beginning until the ride finished, my wife was the first one to critique it before me, because I'm usually the first one, and I was surprised because she's not really that big of a critic. I believe she was more disappointed than I was. Again, the Superman ride has my vote. But I have to say Cedar Point has some of the best rides to date.

    • The Coaster Critic

      Sorry you were disappointed. It's technically older than the rides you mentioned (since it's actually a relocated ride). So, saying it was similar or just like the other rides is pretty good considering its age. But, yes. Superman or maybe Batwing are the best rides in the park in my opinion. I don't think Apocalypse will unseat either of them.


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