Cedar Fair to Sell California's Great America

Cedar Fair to Sell California’s Great America

Cedar Fair Sells California’s Great America for $70 Million
Cedar Fair to Sell California's Great AmericaTheme park chain Cedar Fair has struck a deal with JMA Ventures LLC to sell its Santa Clara theme park California’s Great America for $70 million. There have been rumblings for quite some time that Cedar Fair was looking to sell the park. The San Francisco area park has received very few new rides and new attractions in recent years. It’s hard to believe, but Great America has not received a new roller coaster since 2001!

A few weeks ago Cedar Fair confirmed that it was going to relocate the park’s Invertigo roller coaster to Dorney (Allentown, PA). This is a familiar move as Cedar Fair moved a number of Geauga Lake’s rides before closing that park. Only this time Cedar Fair may have only moved Invertigo so that they could get a good price for the park.

California’s Great America was one of the former Paramount Parks purchased by Cedar Fair in 2006. If you’ve been watching theme park news at all for the past few years, this news shouldn’t be a complete shock. I’ve never been to the park so I can’t speak to my own experiences or begin to guess why it has seemed to struggle. As NewsPlusNotes pointed out, it’s interesting that the new owners, JMA Ventures, do not currently operate any amusement parks. Hopefully, they’ll be able to make this park prosper.

Read the full press release from Cedar Fair.

What’s Your Take?
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