Riders Stuck in Roller Coaster Loop at Zibo Yudaihu Lake Zoology Garden
Yesterday, ScreamScape reported on a story of an unusual roller coaster accident in China. Earlier this week, a father and a son were stuck in the vertical loop ofRiders Stuck Roller Coaster Loop - China a shuttle loop coaster some 15 meters (50 feet) above the ground. The usual rescue efforts were scrapped after fire fighters had trouble setting up their equipment due to wet soil. Eventually, the train was pulled down manually by rescuers pulling on ropes.

BBC News has a video of the rescue here.

Maybe I’m oblivious, but I haven’t seen too many stories where a roller coaster got stuck in a loop. I figured in almost all cases a train might valley (run out of momentum) at some other part of a ride’s layout, but not in an actual loop. Here, it might have had something to do with the fact that it was a shuttle coaster that didn’t generate enough speed to make the loop. Since the father and the son were the only riders, maybe the train was a bit lighter than it needed to be. I guess I can stop snickering when I hear people in ride queues talk of how scary it would be get stuck upside-down.

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  1. coasterer22

    Wasn't there people stuck upside down on Steel Hawg? I know it wasn't a loop, but that's the only accident I can think of in which people got stuck upside down.

  2. Matt

    That would be bad. I wouldnt be scared of being upside down, but all that blood going to your head would be painful.

  3. coasterluv

    Hey CoasterCritic, yes there have been a few times where people got stuck upside down in loops on coasters. Most of them shuttle. I remeber when I was younger watching the news when Montezuma's Revenge at KBF got stuck upside down in the loop with a train full of people for quite some time ( it was not just a few minuits). I think this happened on Montezuma twice in its history if i remeber. Then there was Demon at great america that got stuck upside down in the loop when a wheel assembly came loose, got stuck in the track and caused the train to screech to a hault in one of the loops. The park staff went up and bucked the train to the tracks with steel wires/chains to prevent it from moving while fire fighters evacuated the train. riders were up there for hours, blacking out and everything. that story was on a t.v. special one time. there was also another shuttle coaster this happend on in the past as well on the news but I dont remeber wich one but i remeber the track was blue.

  4. Rosie

    other then your restraints flying open that’s gotta be the secret fear of riders everywhere


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