Stinger Coming to Dorney Park in 2012 Roller Coaster

Stinger to Debut at Dorney in 2012

Dorney Park Announces Stinger for 2012
Stinger Coming to Dorney Park in 2012 Roller CoasterLast week, Dorney Park confirmed the rumors of their new coaster for 2012 with the announcement of Stinger. The Allentown, PA park will be receiving California Great America’s Invertigo. It’s an inverted Vekoma shuttle coaster providing three inversions that riders will experience forward and then backward. The train’s seats are turned around so that riders in the middle of the train will face each other.

I’m sure that some Dorney fans would have preferred something a little bit larger, but at least the park is still growing. That’s a good sign no matter how you look at it. All parks need a good supporting cast for those larger main attractions like Hydra and Steel Force. And as I said in my recent Photo of the Week post, hopefully Vekoma and Cedar Fair have figured out the issues that has caused this coaster model trouble in the past.

NewsPlusNotes has coverage from the Stinger Media Day. You can also visit the park’s Stinger page for more information. And visit my 2012 roller coasters page for more new rides debuting next year.

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