(You) Reports - Submit Theme Park NewsWhile I’ve written about Thorpe Park’s LC12 as it was named, I haven’t re-visited the project since it received an official name and more information has emerged. This excellent (You)Report from ‘across the pond’ breaks down the ride in greater detail.

Thorpe Park has released a trailer advertising its new 2012 coaster. Re-named ‘The Swarm’ after its teaser concept code name ‘LC12’, it will be the second B&M wing rider coaster, following Raptor at sister park Gardaland in Italy.

‘The Swarm’ looks to be far bigger and more impressive than Swarm Roller Coaster - Thorpe Park 2012its predecessor, featuring a first of its kind diving loop drop i.e the train inverts after cresting the lift hill and then lets gravity take over. Other featured elements will be a vertical loop, two corkscrews and an inclined loop, bringing the coaster’s total of inversions to five.

However the main feature of this coaster is its wingrider design, meaning riders are suspended on either side of the track but not over it, leaving nothing but air beneath them. The seats will not rotate, similar to the Intamin launch coaster Furius Baco in Port Aventura, Spain. The train’s layout will be used to create many near misses, just like on Raptor.

The coaster will top out at 127ft, Thorpe Park’s 2nd tallest, and has a proposed total cost of £20m. This is by far the park’s largest investment ever, largely due to its extensive theming, which will depict an apocalyptic surrounding. This links in with its launch in the year of the rapture, 2012. It seems that Thorpe Park are really attempting to go all out with theming, with an entire crashed Boeing
747 along with helicopters and sunken, dilapidated buildings comprising it. The reason for such extensive theming is that it will make up for lack of theming on the park’s other coasters. I myself am greatly looking forward to this new wing rider coaster.

Supporting Link: TheSwarm.co.uk

This (You)Report was submitted by Bill Robertson

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11 Responses

  1. jjhobo

    For once we are getting a coaster which looks to be the best of its kind in the world.

      • Trent

        Actually Batman: the Ride at Six flags Great America was the first by two years, Nemesis might be the first custom invert though.

      • Surya

        We're talking about the best, if you pay attention. Who cares about firsts? You want the best 🙂

      • jjhobo

        nemesis is top notch but when since then have we actually had a world class ride open in the UK, Megafobia in 96 and then what after that?

        Thorpe Park is leading the way for the UK right now and its good to see they are really trying to add quality to their collection and hopefully it will continue, all we need now is for someone to snap up a mega lite and a new woodie pre fab or normal (we havent had one since megafobia)

  2. 2coastercrazy

    Finally! Being a British man, I waited for this to be announced (since the 'LC12' rumor spread)! i only have one question. why was the name changed from LC12 to The Swarm?


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