This Fall, The Geeks Cometh….

Coming This Fall – Theme Park Geekly: Community Magazine Site
As I was developing the idea for Theme Park Hype earlier this year, another idea was born during a Twitter discussion with Jake from Coasterdom. In another effort to provide something fresh and new, I’m going to launch an online community magazine for theme park fans called Theme Park Geekly.

A Magazine
Like actual print magazines, the site will not focus on breaking news or even not-so breaking news. It will focus solely on in-depth editorials and opinion pieces, interviews of interesting people you’ve likely never heard from, and much more. The articles will be written by some of the best theme park writers, bloggers, and website owners on the Web. So, the content will not only be interesting, but also top-notch.

Like a real magazine issues will be released on a periodic basis like bi-weekly or weekly. For example, readers may expect this site’s 9 new articles to be published every Monday with no (or very little) other posts published until the next issue. You may also be able to print out an entire issue (including a cover).

I see this as an off-season site for now as that’s when I’m hoping other site owners might have more time to contribute. Plus, it’ll give theme park fans something fresh and new to check out during those long cold Winter days as they wait for the next season.

A Community
As it’s a community magazine it’ll entail a community of writers and readers interacting via comments, social media, videos etc. Of course, this means that I can’t do it alone. I’ve already got some interest from some great people, but there can never be too much content.

If you have a website and/or are an established writer in some capacity use this contact form to express your interest. Contributors will have a half dozen or so cool places to promote their work and their websites. I know that site owners are pretty busy so I want to make it worth their while. After you’ve contacted me, I have additional info detailing the features that’ll promote you, your articles, and your own website.

Other Help
If you’d like to help in some other way, please drop me a line via this contact form as well. I may need a moderator and some social media help. Plus, I may have other new and exciting ways that non-writers can contribute to issues.

The countdown has begun. I’m aiming for a mid-October launch for Theme Park Geekly. Visit the site for links to social accounts, a progress bar, and more.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of the idea of Theme Park Geekly? Do you think that you’d like to contribute somehow? Any suggestions or questions? Leave a comment below.