Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great Adventure

Featured Photo #31 – The Rock Monster Makes The Difference

Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great AdventureThis is a photo of Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great Adventure. It illustrates just how much of an impact theming can make on a ride. Inside this rocky building you’ll find a pretty benign Intamin family coaster. It’s almost like an over-grown version of the neighboring Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure. RCDB calls Skull Mountain an Indoor Family Coaster, but there’s a least one copy of the ride that’s completely outdoors.

By adding a rock covered building, Six Flags created darkness and mystery to a ride that would otherwise look rather puny next to the park’s arsenal of large coasters like Batman – The Ride and Nitro. New guests to the park have no idea what to expect. And with the darkness there’s the opportunity to surprise them even though it’s pretty pedestrian ride.

What’s Your Take?
Can you think of a roller coaster that’s greatly enhanced by its theming? What do you think of Skull Mountain? Leave a comment below.

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