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This edition of Geek Speak includes reactions from Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s announcement of their 2012 roller coaster Verbolten.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg confirmed that the new 2012 coaster project would indeed be called Verbolten as previously rumored. Unfortunately they really did not give out a lot of details about the new ride, though I think we know just about everything at this point already. To recap what they did confirm in brief: Verbolten will feature “multiple launches” up to 50mph and “a few surprises that can’t be found anywhere else in the United States.” (*Cough* Alton Towers’Thirteen *Cough*) The trains will be on the small side, holding only 16 riders (2 across I believe) with lapbar only restraints and themed to look like a car.

[quoteicon author=”Nigel Smith from Theme Park Insider”]I’m wondering why they choose not to go with Intamin. Was there a problem with Cheetah Hunt and/or dispute with Intamin? Curious as they put a B&M Dive Machine clone for the last addition and Verbolten is essentially the same type of coaster as Cheetah Hunt.[/quoteicon]

Video posted on YouTube by BuschGardensVA
Most talked about, yes. Best? I have my doubts with the 48″ height limit and 50 mph launches. Sounds like Busch is going the “family” route here (frankly, IMHO, BBW was a over-hyped family ride, so it is the perfect replacement.) It will be an interesting ride seeing how little we have seen from the designer, but I think getting hyped about this from a “thrill-ride” perspective will lead to a huge anticipointment.
– Alpegeistno3 from Ultimate Roller Coaster

Kind of excited to see what all is going to go on inside the building. Vertical drop, launch, effects?!
– drgnlvr89 from BGEscape

My only concern is no matter how awesome the show building is the first couple of years, effects are eventually going to break and then someone is going to get lazy or it just won’t be in the budget to fix them, and the overall effect will be totally lost. Staring at you fireplace in DarKastle, where the fire at? Can’t really Heat Things Up without fire… Then again even theming champions have their issues, Disney at the Yeti?
– Nayrb from BGEscape

I’m excited for this coaster, personally. Sure, it’s not going to be the biggest, highest, fastest thing in the park. That’s why we have 4 other great thrill coasters. But, it is over 3 minutes long which satisfies me. Things don’t have to be high and fast to be entertaining. Just be glad they are putting in something new, and not just going back to the same old thing every year. Busch Gardens is a family park. I took my 8 year old sister there last month, and she LOVED apollo’s chariot and lochness. But, other than that, there wasn’t much for her to ride. Families bring hundreds of children here every day. The point is- that everyone can enjoy it.
– oohhhitsjen from BGWFans

Well I think it sounds great. My only problem with it is the theme… Black forest… and cars? Why? I feel like they are mashing things together that make no sense, desperately trying to involve racing cars somehow where it otherwise simply isn’t appropriate. I’m worried the racing element won’t fit with the park.
– HAJiiME from BGEscape

And how many people are going to pronounce the name wrong? Verboten (sounds like FAIR). Hey America, German V’s found like American F’s and German R’s sound like ‘air’ I’m sure I’ll be annoyed to no end about this, hate being educated sometimes…
– Nayrb from BGEscape

What are your thoughts on Verbolten? Has the uncovered drop section changed your feelings about the ride?

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5 Responses

  1. stevetothekizzo

    Busch nails it with focusing on family concepts. KD, up the road just put in the ridiculously teen/adult oriented “Intimidator”. Intimidator may pay off for now, but Busch will reap the long term profits from the deep-pocketed parents/grandparents spending money on their children. Busch simply needs to add more kids areas/rides throughout the park (like Dollywood), and the process will then be complete.

  2. Evan

    I was confused when I saw the announcement. The theme is odd and of all manufactures, why not Intamin!? And the Freefall Drop Element, it won’t be worth it. What Busch Gardens did was a stupid decision. They should have bought an Intamin Wingrider or B&M, I like Intamin Wing Riders because of the launch on Furious Baco. Anyways, stupid decision Busch Gardens.

    • Ectomy5422

      What Busch Gardens did is that they wanted to build a new ride to replace Big Bad wolf, a roller coaster that was dismantled in 2009. Verbolten is built by Zierer, not Intamin. So please get all of your facts straight!

  3. RCT Pro

    I had a rather long coment before my internet crashed that basically said that I h ate the ride and that I’m certian that this ride will dissapoint and end up like Draken Fire did about 11 years ago, and the ride appears to depend on effects that’ll eventually break, a feature that BBW didn’t have to deal with. Plus the drop desipte being taller won’t measure up because of where the track is, you’ll see it in the front row. But to end this scattered comment I’ll end it by stating that it won’t succed in filling BBW’s ‘shoes’.


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