Episode 1 of the Seasoned Pros List Show Podcast – Our Top Ten Steel Roller Coasters
We kick off this special podcast series with a look at our 10 favorite steel roller coasters in North America. Doug, Arthur, & Joel are joined by a special guest for this debut episode. Robb Alvey of Theme Park Review brings his myriad of roller coaster experiences to the show as he shares his personal favorites. With hundreds of roller coasters under his belt, Alvey’s the perfect guest for a top 10 roller coasters episode.

Everyone has their own preferences and criteria of what makes up a top roller coaster. As we go through our lists, you’ll hear that there were several roller coasters that made multiple lists. But, there were also some that sparked a debate or two.

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Which of our picks surprised you the most? What do you think were some overlooked roller coasters that weren’t mentioned? Who’s top ten matched yours the most? Leave a comment below.

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Founder of CoasterCritic.com. My favorite coasters are B&M hypers and gigas. I'm also a huge fan of terrain roller coasters.

8 Responses

  1. Kurt Dahlin

    I must be missing something. I can find the Season Pass podcast on iTunes easy enough, but the most current episode is TSPP #182. I can’t seem to find this particular episode. Is it listed under another name or is it just not there yet?

  2. Matt P

    That was great! It was good to see the biggest coaster enthusiasts together in a discussion! About the show, I was glad that Maverick was in the lists(escept for joel’s cause he didn’t get to ride it). Maverick is a great roller coaster, and is my number 3 top steel coaster. My list was most like Joel and Arthur’s, although Douglas has the same coaster as me for number one(Nitro, which is tied with Millennium Force on my list). I couldn’t understand what rob was talking about with B&M Hypers not having good airtime. They have a ton of airtime! B&M hypers are my favorite type of coaster. They are smooth, thrilling, enjoyable, and are quality coasters. Some other coasters on my list that were mentioned were I305 at number 10, Magnum at number 8, Bizarro at number 7, apollo at number 6, Griffon at number 4, and Millennium Force tied with Nitro at number one. Anyway, this was a great show and I can’t wait till the next one!

  3. Steven

    Millennium Force, It’s all the things it doesn’t have against it that makes it #1. No shoulder harnesses, No trims, No MCBR. Just falling and traveling free at a perfectly absorbable breakneck speed covering lot’s of land… light air, relaxing and releasing along broad strokes of swooshing and turning, zipping along very fast and with abandon, rushing tunnels, exhibitionistic home stretch straight away return and overbanking dive into the only satisfying brake run finish in existence. Breathe.
    I’m glad to hear Superman Darien Lake mentioned. The explicitness and modernness of it’s out and back design is un-killable and administers a purity that exalts it over bizarro which has a muddied layout and is over rated because people are too afraid to be like everyone else and just praise MF. Which is to say I’m glad Darien Lake’s Superman wasn’t forgotten.
    And B&M’s newer “nice” demeanor is kinda disappointing but a good mid range thrill. Diamondback. Great show! Looking forward to wooden coasters.

  4. Doug Barnes

    Awesome! Thanks for the comments guys!! We have plenty more episodes to come – Dark Rides, Theme Parks, Scenery, Thrill Parks, Wooden Coasters… Just stay tuned. 😉 Thanks for the support. Nitro Rules!!


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