What is Chris from Thrill Network thankful for?

Every November many across the Nation think about what they are thankful for each year. I am no stranger to that tradition. However, since I’ve become a bigger amusement park enthusiast this year than in the past, I figured I would come up with a list of things I’m thankful for in the amusement park industry!

This year I’m thankful for:

I’m thankful that Dippin Dots can still operate even though they filed Dippin Dots Stand at Moreys Piersfor Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. So, I will still be able to hear park rumors through the Dippin Dots guy! While they might not know much about their own business, they sure know about everyone else’s business!

WindSeekers. I am so thankful that Cedar Fair finally got the three WindSeekers (Canada’s Wonderland, Cedar Point and Kings Island) up and running to seek wind….when it’s not windy! Oh yeah. Also I am thankful that more of them are opening up in 2012 because we can never have enough of the same ride, everywhere, and with the same name and theme.

I’m thankful for Dollywood! With Huss failing to get Timber Tower operational Dollywood’s lawsuit has brought a phrase back that sends a clear message to Huss: You’ve been HUSSED. Barnstormer is better anyway!

I’m thankful for bumper cars. I’ve had stellar experiences on them this year. At Dollywood I hit a friend and sent her spinning several times. At Holiday World I experienced multiple traffic jams and wedged myself out of them to hit more people.  And at Cedar Point I watched two grown men run for a car, fall and slide, only to watch a kid take the car they were going for. Nothing like getting your road rage out in electric vehicles.

I am thankful for B&M. Not only am I thankful for the announcement of their new Wing-riders, but also for the new Giga Coaster Leviathan. Behemoth was the first B&M that I rode (on opening day no less), but I still chuckle when I think of what B and M also stand for.

I am thankful for Dick Kinzels service to Cedar Fair, but I am eternally grateful that he is retiring. Seriously, it was time for a major change in the board of directors. It is time to bring in the young guns to make different choices in what kinds of rides are added into each park.

I’m thankful for Six Flags 2012 attraction announcements. These announcements have given me more reasons to get to a Six Flags park. I mean who wouldn’t want to pee themselves 400 feet in the air on the World’s tallest ride?

I am thankful that Dinosaurs Alive! is coming to more Cedar Fair parks. I believe it’s a great way for schools to get involved and bring students to the parks that may not have otherwise. Let’s just hope that the dinosaurs don’t eat the tourists with all that extra money that they spent to see them.New Texas Giant Returns to Station - Six Flags Over Texas

I am thankful for The New Texas Giant. While I have not ridden this coaster yet, it seems like fun and it has been successful. It has also provided entertainment for those who hope Son of Beast (and other coasters in need of TLC) will be given the same treatment. I am also grateful that I didn’t have one bad ride on Son of Beast this year.

I am thankful for Cheetah Hunt which opened this year at Busch Gardens Tampa.  Many were upset with the name, but people in Zanesville, Ohio would have been happy with the name!

Photo Credits: Image 1 – Milst1, Image 2 – The Coaster Critic

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  1. XYZ

    Well, actually Lex Luthor will not be the world’s tallest ride since Kingda Ka is 456′ and S:EFK’s tower is only 415′. Other than that, I love the sarcasm in this article.


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