Issue 2 of Theme Park Geekly is Live
Theme Park GeeklyThis issue features an in-depth interview with Joel Rogers from Joel shares his experiences running the site that now has more than 3,000 roller coaster photos. Also, since he’s a pilot, I asked him to compare flying to riding roller coasters.

The Debut of the Seasoned Pros List Show
I’ll be joining Doug, creator of The Season Pass Podcast, and Arthur (from’s Theme Park Guide) for a special new sub-series called: The Seasoned Pros List Show. Each show will include a list of our favorites in the theme park world. We kick off the series with special guest, Robb Alvey from Theme Park Review. Having ridden hundreds or roller coasters all over the World, we asked Alvey to keep his picks to North America. In the first show we discuss and debate our top ten steel roller coasters. Download and discuss the first show here: Our Top Steel Roller Coasters

Other Articles from Issue 2
Britain’s 5 Worst Theme Park Rides – Sebastian from Theme Park Tourist gives us a look at 5 rides in Great Britain that he deems the worst.

Line Cutters Should Be Arrested – I let off some steam in this rant about the most annoying thing I encounter at theme parks: line cutters. Some people have already left some pretty interesting stories of their own.

The Classics: 4 Essential Flat Rides – Nate from Coasterdom gives us his 4 must have, classic flat rides.

Katie’s Most Awe-Inspiring Rides – Katie from ThrillNetwork shares her most awe-inspiring coaster moments.

The 5 Most Disappointing Haunts of 2011 – Matt from ValleyFairZone recaps the 5 Halloween Haunts that were hammered on the message boards the most. I was sad to see my home park’s Fury on the list.

History of Roller Coasters Infographic – This is a neat infographic showing the progression of roller coasters throughout history.

Geek Speak: Reactions to the Golden Ticket Awards – Had enough complaining about the GTA’s? No? Well, good this edition of Geek Speak encompasses a range of opinions on the controversial awards.

Every two weeks through out the off-season, look for a new issue of Theme Park Geekly covering a variety of theme park-related topics.

What’s Your Take?
Have you checked out Issue 2? What were some of your favorite articles? Leave a comment below.

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  1. coasterer22

    I really liked the article with the infographic on roller coaster history. It's amazing how far we came! I also agree that line cutters should be arrested. I've loved these first two articles.


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