We can now take a virtual ride on Dollywood’s highly-anticipated wing rider coaster, Wild Eagle. Last week, the park released POV and off-ride videos. Wild Eagle looks great! Sitting outside the track should really add a new dimension. B&M has had open trains for years, but they haven’t developed anything that looks to provide this kind of an unprotected and free feeling.

Hopefully, they’ll go the Boulder Dash route during construction and remove only the trees that they need to. I’m hoping that the wooded atmosphere really adds to the experience just as it does on other terrain rides like The Beast and our dearly departed Big Bad Wolf.

Dollywood – Wild Eagle POV Video

Dollywood – Wild Eagle Off-Ride Video
Learn more about Wild Eagle at Dollywood2012.com.

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  1. coasterer22

    What I'm really suprised about is how quickly they built this ride! They already completed it's course, which is crazy fast. But yeah, this ride looks really cool. I love terrain coasters, and Dollywood, being in the mountains, is the perfect spot for a coaster like this. Hopefully I'll get there over the summer some time.

  2. dc

    GO DOLLYWOOD! I also love terrain coasters. (R.I.P. BBW) Trees intact, this looks even sweeter than Great America's coming wing rider by just a bit. I have to admit, I love how B&M and others have added so many innovations to the coaster riding experience. In my childhood days, the only variation from a standard wood coaster was the traditional, tandem two-seater Wild Mouse. Even those have evolved. Then Disneyland opened The Matterhorn. And now… WOW!!! I'M LOVIN' IT!

  3. Quil

    I wonder if the dive loop willl feel different because of how the track is farther apart at the bottom.

  4. Jack

    Oh my gosh it is so awesome! i need to ride this ride it looks a little like X flight but its better and more inversions I'M AM SO PSYCHED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Luke H.

    I think the layout looks fine, but I admire X-Flight's more. I really don't like the eagles on each car.


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