Shambhala Roller Coaster - PortAventura Park - Spain

PortAventura’s Shambhala to be Europe’s Tallest Roller Coaster

Europe’s Tallest Roller Coaster to Open at PortAventura in 2012
Shambhala Roller Coaster - PortAventura Park - SpainPortAventura Park (An hour from Barcelona, Spain) is already home to popular coasters like the Intamin launch coaster Furius Baco and the former inversion king Dragon Khan. Soon, it will also boast, Europe’s tallest roller coaster when it opens Shambhala. Located in the park’s Chinese section, the B&M hyper coaster will have a Tibetan excursion theme.

Shambhala – PortAventura’s New B&M Hyper Coaster
Guests will brave a 249′ 4″ (76 meters) tall lift hill followed by a 255′ 11″ (78 meters) drop into a tunnel. After the plunge, the trains will reach a blistering 83 mph (134 km/h). Then guests will be treated to 5 airtime hills along what’s being described as an out and back layout. Shambhala take the title of Europe’s tallest from another B&M hyper (Europa Park’s Silver Star) by about 10 feet. ย Silver Star had the height crown for nearly a decade.

Read more about Shambhala at PortAventura. I haven’t been able to find an animated POV video or even a teaser, but this video will at least show you what the rest of the park looks like. You can skip to about 50 seconds or just watch the whole thing and enjoy Spanish-speaking Ernie:

Also check’s PortAventura coverage periodically. He’s got a lot on that park including the very first images of Shambhala pieces at the park.

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