Cedar Fair’s 2012 Infrastructure Upgrades

Leviathan, Dinosaurs Alive, and a few Windseekers are the more thrilling additions coming to Cedar Fair parks across North America. 2012 will be a relatively quiet year for Cedar Fair parks, with Leviathan being the only brand new roller coaster opening across the entire chain. However, many parks are gearing up for major infrastructural improvements as well as a few minor adjustments to their current lineups of live entertainment shows, restaurants and eateries. Not to mention the very successful Halloween Haunt events that happen each fall. Here are just a few changes we can expect to see across the spectrum of the Cedar Fair chain:

Cedar Point

At Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, over 2,500 new electronic lockers are being added in Cedar Point, and Soak City   as well. In the Live Entertainment department, a new nighttime show entitled “Luminosity – Ignight the Night!” will be premiering, along with a few other new entertainment offerings. One of the last minor improvements is the addition of LED lights to the Giant Wheel Ferris wheel in the front of the park.

Worlds of Fun

At Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri, attractions such as Boomerang and Monsoon are being repainted, Timberwolf’s entrance has been redone, and the Wacky Worm kids roller coaster has been moved in the park to a new location, and has been renamed Cosmic Coaster. For the Halloween Haunt, the park also plans on adding a new school themed haunted maze.
Boomerang - Worlds of FunMonsoon - Worlds of Fun

Kings Island

At Kings Island in Mason, Ohio, The Crypt, a popular themed Huss Topsin, is being removed and in turn is being made into a haunted maze for the 2012 Halloween Haunt at Kings Island. Soak City is undergoing a massive face lift, with the addition of a new adventure river, a wave pool, and numerous amenities. Invertigo has received a new paint-job similar to that of Scorpion’s Tail, the recycled Invertigo formerly from California’s Great America that will be opening at Dorney Park for the 2012 season. A new benefit to Gold & Platinum Pass Holders for Kings Island/Cedar Fair is the ability to gain entry to the park an hour before the general public every day.


At Valleyfair in Shakopee, Minnesota, changes are being made to accommodate new ADA (American Disability Association) requirements, which include the refurbishment of exit pathways, numerous buildings, and certain features around the park. These ADA changes are being made across the Cedar Fair chain in order to accommodate all guests with disabilities. Along with ADA changes, Corkscrew TotSpot, a relatively old kids area located in the front of the park has been removed. Valleyfair is also planning to add a new haunted maze for their Halloween Haunt at Valleyscare.

California’s Great America

California's Great America Boardwalk
At California’s Great America in Santa Clara, California, a new ice show dubbed “Happiness Is Snoopy” is premiering, along with addition of another new Peanuts show. Aside from entertainment, CGA has also spent a majority of the off-season re-tracking Grizzly, their Curtis D. Summers wooden roller coaster, as well as repainting a number of rides and coasters such as the Columbia Carousel and Demon. Another small project that has been accomplished for 2012 is the refurbishment of the boardwalk area near Loggers Run.

These are just a few of many new additions and modifications that are taking place across the Cedar Fair chain for the 2012 season. Be sure to make a trip to your favorite park to see all that is new or changed for this season, and get ready because this off-season is heading around the final bend.

Which of these parks’ infrastructure upgrades do you think will have the biggest impact? Images 1 & 2 courtesy of Worlds of Fun’s Blog. Image 3 courtesy of CGA’s Facebook page.