Ninja Skillfully & Deceptively Punishes Riders
Ninja wasn’t one of the roller coasters picked by the readers for me to review. I just felt it was my civic duty to warn the masses about this ride. I’m sure that many are drawn to this coaster because it looks really cool. Ninja’s twisted mess of red steel sitts on top of a pond towards the back of Six Flags Over Georgia. The Vekoma-built looper features an interesting arsenal of loops: butterfly (2), a reverse sidewinder (1), and a double corkscrew (2). Corkscrews are run-of-the-mill, but the other inversions are not.

Ninja - Six Flags Over Georgia - Roller Coaster

Ninja’s Asian-themed queue and Ninja statues aren’t what I’d call impressive, but they are a nice touch. I’ve never seen a any kind of line for Ninja. You’d think that the empty queue would alert guests, but they fall prey to this violent coaster anyway. I’ll forgo the blow-by-blow account. And I mean blow-by-blow literally. Ninja’s roughness repeatedly threw my head against the restraints.

Roller Coaster Reviews - HorribleIt was probably worse than any of those rough Arrow coasters I’ve complained about over the years. Even with my defensive riding skills, I still took a good beating. I’ll give the ride a point for its appearance and interesting layout. Since I don’t have 0’s, that puts it right down there with Darien Lake’s Predator. I only rode Ninja because I was with a group of first-timers. Never again. Final Rating – 2.0 (Horrible)

Thrilling Roller Coasters - For Brave RidersNinja is rated ‘TH’ for Thrilling. It’s a 3 out of 5 on my Thrill Scale. It has 1 thrill factor, it’s loops. If you’ve ridden looping coasters before then this ride will a breeze, but you’ll want to have some aspirin with you. If not, I highly recommend Mind Bender for your first looping experience.

An Interesting Inversion Note
A sidewinder begins like a traditional vertical loop, with a twist sending riders to the left or right instead of the same direction they were heading. My first ever looper Anaconda at Kings Dominion has one of these loops after it rises from the lake. So, Ninja’s reverse sidewinder must end with a traditional loop, but start with a twist. It’s hard to tell from images, but that’s what I’ve put together.Put a different way, a sidewinder must be like the first half of a cobra roll and a reverse sidewinder is like the second half.

What’s Your Take?
What do you think of Ninja? Do you agree with my rating? Leave a comment below.

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  1. The Coaster Guy

    I'd say your review is pretty close to how I'd rate it. I love the looks of this ride. The massive collection of white columns rising out of the water, cradling the ever-twisting red track calls out to you, begging to be ridden. And I love inversions, so it's got that going for it as well. It was pretty rough when we rode it last summer, but it wasn't the worst I've ever ridden. But then again, I wouldn't ride it back-to-back, either.

  2. Cade

    Haha, I totally agree, CC. These thing are a menace. I have one at my home park, Six Flags St. Louis, also called The Ninja, and people actually pay each other money to go on it. It is horribly maintained, too, which made it get even rougher even faster.

  3. Gearhart

    I don't disagree in any way with your rating, but after everyone warned me about how rough this thing was I only got a couple jarring blows sitting in the front seat of the last car. It still sucks, and I found it surprisingly boring, but I thought the St. Louis version was waaay more painful.

  4. Mark

    I'd rate it a zero. I rode once for the "credit" and midway through regretted the decision. Ouch.

    There was a point somewhere on the track where my neck was slammed into the restraint. My vote is to melt down this waste of iron ore, I doubt anyone would miss it. It's worse than an aging Arrow multi-looper.

    Besides, time spent on it would be better spent on Goliath or Georgia Scorcher, which are fun and infinitely re-ridable.

  5. Dillon

    I've lived in the Atlanta area my entire life and have visited Six Flags Over Georgia about 12-13 times and I have never ridden this one because my friends have always warned me about this miserable coaster.

  6. Mike M.

    Rode it once in 2005 when I was but a coaster novice. It was starting to rain in the park, so we were trying to get on rides before they shut down. The Ninja line was empty so I assumed it was due to the rain, but the operator beckoned us on. Guess I should have known better! It was pretty rough but nothing I thought was totally unbearable. I agree there was very little fun about the ride outside of MAYBE the double corkscrew. It does indeed look cool though.

  7. coasterer22

    This ride is a perfect example of why there are very little custom Vekoma loopers in this world.

  8. Matt

    Wow is it more painful than SFGAdv's former Great American Scream Machine? I have to say even though you warned me, I will still ride it. I want the credit and want to see how bad it is. I rode the SFNE cyclone and found it not painful at all, and you gave it a 1. Maybe they rehabbed Cyclone because I rode it last year or I got a lucky seat. I doubt they rehabbed this though, and seats don't matter on these rough loopers.

  9. Judy_P_in_Pgh

    Joel, You warned me before I headed to this park, but I wanted the credit, so I rode it. Photogenic … yes. Painful … yes. Predator-like … yes. (Does that count as alliteration?)

  10. Patrick

    I may be in the minority here….lol Anyways, it's not the worst coaster I've ever ridden, nor is it anywhere near great. In fact of the 3 times I've visited the park since 1998, I've actually come off it fine; riding once or twice per trip. Maybe I just sat in the right seat or kept my head situated properly. I haven't been too beaten up on this coaster. It's just something to ride because it's there.

    As far as it being very re-rideable? Not so much…I do agree it to be rough and wouldn't recommend a newbie to coasters start with it. I did take a friend of mine on it in 2008 and it was his first coaster (ever)….of course he didn't tell me he had never been on one until after we got off….lol He came off fine tho.

  11. John

    I rode it a couple of times. It wasn't too bad since rode the second seat from the back which I believe is the magic seat. As least that's people say.

  12. Coaster Queen

    My husband and I rode Ninja the summer of 2010. The setting on the water is a nice touch, but now that we have that credit I can't image that we would ever re-ride it. As someone who grew up in St. Louis, I have to agree with Cade about the sad state of that Ninja coaster. Age and poor upkeep have not been kind to that coaster.

  13. Dylan

    Yeah, the St. Louis Ninja hurts pretty bad, but it usually depends on your height and where you sit. The very front and back cars can be quite painful, but middle-back cars are somewhat easier. Also, since I’ve grown about 8 inches throughout my visits to SFSTL, it has been less painful as I am taller since the restraints don’t bang your head, but more you upper neck. To lessen the head-banging, actually grab the restraint as a sort of grip, then you don’t really feel much. As a side note, this Ninja also has a terrifying head-chopper moment. You pass right under the lift hill chain, and every single time I duck my head in fright.

  14. Joey Till

    Even tho the Ninja is not smooth, I dont quite find these corkscrew coasters that bad as far as pain, there just uncomfortable with bad transitions. The only truly horrid Corkscrew coaster was the dreaded Steamin' Demon at Great Escape. Ninja i do like tho because it is different. Different shaped loops give a ride you wont find at other places. I dont really mind this one.

  15. Mike Atl

    I have to say ,I've ridden it over 30 times.
    and i've ridden it 6 times in a row due to low lines, i love it, and maybe its my short neck or the new trains, but i've hardly had head blows.
    I'd give it a 4 out of 5
    side note, i like the turtles that live in the water below the ninja turtles

  16. Alana H.

    I actually like it. It’s really a matter of holding your head against the head rest (as most people don’t or don’t have the strength to). It may not be the smoothest but the fact that it has all of these corkscrews and stuff like that, I just like it more than people say about it.

    3 out of 5

    P.S I love the turtles that live in the lake. I managed to name a couple of them.

  17. Eric

    It seems that a lot of us would like to see SFOG’s Ninja go away… it be replaced with something better, and something that won’t beat up the riders. Not sure if Ninja will be going away anytime soon… I would suggest SFOG replacing Ninja with a new B&M wing coaster.

    I hear that SFOG is retiring Southern Star Amphitheatre attraction… which is a different story.

    As for SFSTL’s Ninja… I could picture that parks Arrow/Vekoma coaster eventually being replaced with a Superman: Ultimate Flight mirror image clone (B&M flying coaster).


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