Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point

One of Cedar Point’s Weakest Coasters Could Get an Upgrade

Cedar Point’s been known as the Coaster Capital. It’s a well-deserved name as the Sandusky, Ohio amusement park boasts a record-tying 17 roller coasters. Six Flags Magic Mountain also has 17. As with anything, quantity doesn’t always mean quality. In my opinion, there are a few weak spots in the park’s lineup. One of them is the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. I know, it’s 40+ year old family roller coaster, but that doesn’t exclude it from criticism. It doesn’t measure up to many of the other mine train coasters that I’ve ridden. Any of them actually.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point

A Gemini Train Spotted on Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Recently, a train from the park’s racing coaster, Gemini was spotted on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Lance from ScreamScape reported:

… Gemini has had two old spare trains sitting in storage near Mean Streak for the past few years wrapped in plastic, so it does seem very likely that Gemini’s more spacious trains (and with individual lap bars) could be coming to the Mine Ride this season after all.
Lance from Screamscape

If this turns out to be the case, then it’s a positive move for a ride that for me was a sub-par experience. At least guests will have a more spacious ride as they traverse Cedar Creek’s boring layout. The majority of these family rides are older and they have smaller, uncomfortable trains. For example, Carolina Gold Rusher at my home park is a pretty fun ride, even thrilling, for a family ride. But it’s tight, antiquated seating system actually prevents taller riders from riding.

I think mine train coasters are a missed opportunity that a lot of parks could focus on a bit more. I’d love to see some of these makeover projects (X2, New Texas Giant, Bizarros) done on mine train coasters. I’ll get more into why in a separate post. For now though, I give this move a big thumbs up. It’s a step in the right direction. Good move Cedar Point!

Note – In case anyone’s having trouble calling the New Texas Giant a steel coaster, Cedar Point’s Gemini is another example of STEEL roller coaster with a wooden support
structure, but steel track.

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