Cedar Point’s been known as the Coaster Capital. It’s a well-deserved name as the Sandusky, Ohio amusement park boasts a record-tying 17 roller coasters. Six Flags Magic Mountain also has 17. As with anything, quantity doesn’t always mean quality. In my opinion, there are a few weak spots in the park’s lineup. One of them is the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. I know, it’s 40+ year old family roller coaster, but that doesn’t exclude it from criticism. It doesn’t measure up to many of the other mine train coasters that I’ve ridden. Any of them actually.

Cedar Creek Mine Ride - Cedar Point

A Gemini Train Spotted on Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Recently, a train from the park’s racing coaster, Gemini was spotted on the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. Lance from ScreamScape reported:

… Gemini has had two old spare trains sitting in storage near Mean Streak for the past few years wrapped in plastic, so it does seem very likely that Gemini’s more spacious trains (and with individual lap bars) could be coming to the Mine Ride this season after all.
Lance from Screamscape

If this turns out to be the case, then it’s a positive move for a ride that for me was a sub-par experience. At least guests will have a more spacious ride as they traverse Cedar Creek’s boring layout. The majority of these family rides are older and they have smaller, uncomfortable trains. For example, Carolina Gold Rusher at my home park is a pretty fun ride, even thrilling, for a family ride. But it’s tight, antiquated seating system actually prevents taller riders from riding.

I think mine train coasters are a missed opportunity that a lot of parks could focus on a bit more. I’d love to see some of these makeover projects (X2, New Texas Giant, Bizarros) done on mine train coasters. I’ll get more into why in a separate post. For now though, I give this move a big thumbs up. It’s a step in the right direction. Good move Cedar Point!

Note – In case anyone’s having trouble calling the New Texas Giant a steel coaster, Cedar Point’s Gemini is another example of STEEL roller coaster with a wooden support
structure, but steel track.

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  1. Bill Robertson

    When racked up against each other, SFMM appears to have more hardcore coasters, with a fair few being incredible experiences. On the other hand, CP, my favourite park, seems to have less of these, but their top coasters are some of the best in the world, and so in terms of overall quality (ahem 4 major INTAMINs) CP gets the top spot. However I must agree that the less intense rides aren't much to write home about, like CCMR, Corkscrew and Meanstreak could all do with overhauls or replacements. I personally would look for an alternative, more exciting mine train to replace CCMR.

  2. Jeff Merritt

    I am a traditionalist / purist, so I of course think it's a bad idea. I like the classic themed mine ride cars, and, ironically I have always thought CP did a good job maintaining a realistic, rustic look on the cars with the faux wood texture.

    The main problem is the hideous "extender padding" they have added to the lap bars in order to pin you into your seat and keep you from sliding around. That's why it is a very uncomfortable fit.

    They also have the worst ride ops. The ride doesn't have much of a line, and they use that as an excuse to fart around and delay the dispatches and generally make the ride a bad experience by publicly ridiculing their own ride. At least this is what I experienced last June. Meanwhile, Magnum, which also had no line, kept the trains moving and even allowed re-rides if no one was waiting for the same seat.

    I know there are many in the younger generation who don't "get" mine rides, but as both a railroad and roller coaster enthusiast, I love them.

  3. Gearhart

    Gemini's trains are definately comfier but, it's still gonna be jerky and boring. a good mine train I think needs more terrain interaction than this thing has.

  4. J.D.

    Mean Streak definitely needs a Rocky Mountain Construction overhaul, å la New Texas Giant… That would be a-ma-zing!!! Do whatever is best to keep the mine rides running in full swing; they are always a great ride to take at any park!

    • Jeremy

      I think a remodel of mean streak would be amazing especially after all the hype new Texas giant got. This upgrade would also cut the cost of retracking mean streak in the off season and with no loss of more space for a new ride in the already cramped park. Maybe a remodel will finally fill up that huge queuing line once again.


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