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Ride Sims is a new website created by Theme Park Nerd where you can be the operator of virtual rides. Moving people through the ride is a bit tricky sometimes because, in many of the simulations, you also control the preshow along with the actual elements in the ride. The site started out with ten simulations to choose from and has since grown to fourteen.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting, but found useful, was the listing of the difficulty of the simulation. Some rides are more difficult to operate than others. For example, the Tower of Terror simulation is listed as difficult because you need to load the guests into the preshow areas, move them to a specific elevator, etc. The Thirteen simulation is listed as easy because all you do is load guests into the trains and control the drop section.Ride Sims - Space Mountain Simulation

Some of the simulations are a bit hard to operate at first. Many are run by hitting the arrows on your keyboard which can be confusing. Luckily there are directions on how to operate the rides below the actual simulation.

Although some of the rides are difficult, the game is well made and will be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys time-management games or has ever aspired to become a ride operator.

Try the game out at: RideSims.com
Also, see Amusement Authority’s review.

Have you tried Ride Sims? What did you think?


  1. Pretty interesting concept for a game. I love seeing the overhead layouts of the rides. Forbidden Journey would be an interesting one for sure.

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