California Great America's Rumored 2013 Wooden Coaster

California Great America’s Rumored 2013 Woodie

California’s Great America Could Get a GCI Woodie in 2013
California’s Great America appears to be on track to get a much needed shot in the arm. Since plans to sell the park fell through, Cedar Fair is giving the it a renewed focus in hopes to turn the park around. On Theme Park Geekly, Matt recently recapped the park’s current off-season infrastructure improvements. And last month ScreamScape reported that old plans for a GCI wooden roller coaster may be revived for a new 2013 attraction. An archetectual review filed by the park with the city of Santa Clara, might have been the catalyst to this rumor.

California Great America's Rumored 2013 Wooden Coaster

Lance posted a few photos of the old plans for the ride. There’s been no confirmation that these exact plans will be used if the park does indeed build this coaster. I thought that it’s layout might be similar to other GCI’s designed around that time like American Thunder (formerly Evel Knievel) or Renegade at Valleyfair, but it isn’t.

My Take
I need a good excuse to get to the Bay Area’s theme parks. A new GCI woodie and Discovery Kingdom’s Superman Ultimate Flight are more than enough. In the past, I haven’t heard the greatest things about this park, but hopefully the new management, renewed focus, and its first new roller coaster in over a decade will spur a revival.

What’s Your Take?
Would a ride like this draw you to California’s Great America? Leave a comment below. Image courtesy of ScreamScape.