Two test videos of Canada’s Wonderland’s Leviathan have recently surfaced. The monstrous ride has an equally monstrous roar.

Here’s a POV test video of Leviathanfrom Canada’s Wonderland:

And here’s an off-ride test run video:

Read more about Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland.

What’s Your Take?
That’s some pretty good test footage. How does Leviathan look to you? Leave a comment below.

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  1. me

    I think Leviathan is a regrettable decision.
    Not only is there Behemoth in the park already, a similar but longer ride, I just find that Leviathan has no identity. It just looks mundane and slow towards the end and it's all over a coaster and the side of a parking lot, which isn't great.

    • KDunatov

      Ha Ha, that's funny. I rode it yesterday five times and Behemoth is like it's little cousin. Leviathan is all about speed. Sit on the outside at the front for the best experience. You feel like the ground is going to open up and swallow you during that first drop!

  2. Matt

    It looks awesome! That first drop will be amazing! It goes over some of the hills with much speed, although there are trims on some. Still looks great!

  3. Caveman

    Doesn't look as forceful as the Intamin variations, but does look like it has more air. Lift looks like it takes some time, but it gives you a chance to enjoy the view at least. Wish I could make it out there to check it out myself.

  4. Cade

    This will be the first giga that looks like it is more specifically made for air than speed.

  5. Mike

    The first drop into the overbank reminds me of Millenium Force. First drop looks incredible. As for as airtime this looks to me like it won't have nearly as much as a B&M hyper but I could be wrong. On another post CC commented on kind of being tired of Hypers. I kind of understand where that is coming as I've ridden Apollo's Chariot a lot over the past two years and have kind of become bored with it although I still find it a fun and great ride. On the flip side I just got back from a Theme park trip to Orlando and I noticed that the coasters I was riding were more about force then airtime. Each coaster had moments of negative-g's but I never felt there was enough. During the trip I couldn't help but wish that there was a B&M hyper to ride for the comfort, airtime and re-ridablility. I actually think it would be great if every park had a hyper of some sort.

  6. Kristofer

    I think this will turn out like Millennium Force. It will have a good first drop, but elements will come too slow, and have too many overbanks.

  7. L.J.

    Well…the first drop is purely amazing; a point that has been made several times but I just have to reiterate that! The ride looks like a lot of fun. I had my doubts at first about it, but I think it will be very good!

  8. Bill Robertson

    the 1st of the B&M gigas- hopefully acting mainly as a platform from which B&M will build off of bigger and better in the future. I would ride it purely because of what it is, but from what I can see I 305 is the better bet (without trims, updated version).

  9. me

    At second thoughts, I see this ride as B&M's Millenium Force. In that regard, it's a sportier version as far as track shaping goes, as well as more intense overall. It makes a visceral experience out of its speed when Millenium Force opts for a more graceful and harmonious layout.

    MF is Renaissance architecture with its very circular and symmetrical shaping in the first drop, camel back and three overbanked turns, in order to preserve the sense of speed. Its first drop is interesting in how its airtime builds up as you go down until a brutal peak before redressing, like if airtime were a side-effect of the speed-centered layout shaping every element to its image (hence the big camel back that has little airtime). It's a laid back voyage, it's style over substance.

    Meanwhile, Leviathan is Gothic architecture, with its use of oval curves to achieve the maximum substance as far as physical forces are concerned. The first drop quickly dives at the top where speed is low and gradually deintensifies the descent as speed climbs until leveling out has just becomes necessary. All of this leads to significant airtime that's longer, more actual steep dropping and greater G forces at the bottom. All other elements are enhanced by this kind of 2D shaping, with the addition of quicker rolls and an emphasis on height and verticality, which btw was sported by Gothic and not Renaissance architecture. There are some speedy sections of Leviathan, but they're always enhanced by the maximum speed achieved close to the the ground and a few surprises that catch you off guard even though you're on the edge of your seat. Millenium Force's ending was indeed a bit like that, but with reduced speed, it loses its meaning, its monumental grandeur… it thus becomes Baroque architecture to impress whilst staying elegant.

    So, I think both rides are significant masterpieces in their own ways. They both come from conviction and both have different places, seeking to please different tastes.

    About the CW situation… Leviathan's focus is way different to Behemoth's, so it doesn't really matter that both are the same type of ride. When you think about it, there isn't a way to go hyper on a coaster than with the wonderful B&M trains. People love their comfort and their open design. And also, there's a cool duality between the two hypers at Wonderland, the two being polar opposites in numerous ways, making the whole cohesive.

  10. Quil

    I'm sensing some serious airtime on that first hill.

    I love the new feature on YouTube that allows you to see the picture of what will be on screen at that time if you hover your mouse over it. I used it to find the top of the lift hill.

  11. Alex Fahner

    I rode this in the second last row and I feel as if Behemoth is better. Of course I've been on Behemoth 4 times and Leviathan only once but its too short. But that first drop is wicked! The airtime on this is unbelieveable!

  12. tycooon

    The first drop is an absolute freefall and makes the ride a thrilling success.
    Unfortunately (maybe required due to the pure speed you pick up), the uphill inside turn which comes next slows the ride and makes the lift from the rest of the hills less intimidating.
    Note: I think the ride up the first hill is a lot faster than shown in these test runs.

    Overall an awesome ride, but the lift you feel while cresting the second hill on Bohemoth is still the most thrilling moment on a coaster at Canada's Wonderland.


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