X-Flight - Six Flags Great America

X-Flight Prepares for Takeoff

Six Flags Great America’s new wing coaster X-Flight has taken shape. As you can see from the picture below, the track work is complete. While the layout does look a little compact, we can expect a lot of events and exciting moments during the ride’s course. News Plus Notes recently took a hard hat tour and came back with some great photos.

X-Flight - Six Flags Great America

From their photos, it’s clear to see just how much the layout really uses the exposed nature of winged seating system. Not only will riders fly through that covered section and the keyhole cutout in the flight tower, but much of the ride seems to fly low to the ground. There’s even a mention of water cannons that will shoot up during a low flying curve. According to Scott and Carol from NPN,X-Flight Trains - Six Flags Great America they were added to the ride’s design after the animated videos were created.

Also, I hadn’t noticed that the wing coasters had these open restraints (pictured right). Hopefully this means that headbanging should be kept to a minimum throughout the ride’s five inversions. Just another reason that X-Flight is the roller coaster that I’m most excited about.

See  News Plus Notes full set of  must-see construction photos of X-Flight.

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What’s Your Take?
How do you think X-Flight looks? Leave a comment below.  Photos from Six Flags Great America’s Facebook page.