Joining the other major theme park chains, Cedar Fair is rolling out their own virtual queue system. Fast Lane will be available at all Cedar Fair theme parks in 2012. With Fast Lane you’ll have quicker access to a variety of rides, roller coasters, and even shows at some parks. After a quick look at my home park’s website, Carowinds, I can see that WindSeeker, Boo Blasters, Rip Roarin’ Rapids, Drop Tower, and 8 of the park’s 13 roller coasters will have Fast Lane access. Most parks are offering this special access to about 10 attractions.
Carowinds' 2012 Fast Lane Attractions

There are different types of virtual queue systems. Unlike Six Flags’ Flash Pass which is somewhat similar to making a reservation, Cedar Fair’s Fast Lane Pass will allow guests to skip the lines and ride as many times as they want. I looked at a few parks and $50 seems to be the going price for one wristband. The price does go down if you buy more than one wristband and there are a limited number of wristbands so that the Fast Lane line doesn’t get out of hand.

As I wrote in “Is the Six Flags Flash Pass Worth It?“, while these types of systems do require you to spend even more money during an already pricey excursion, they can be worth it depending on a few different factors. For example, if you’re like me and travel great distances to theme parks that you won’t likely return to for a while, it’s probably worth it. Once I’ve already paid to fly across the country, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense to spend a large portion of my trip waiting in line. Plus, a mega park like Cedar Point is a great candidate for a Fast Lane pass. Whenever they get around to doing something with Mean Streak or add another noteworthy roller coaster, I’ll likely be strapping on one of these Fast Lane wristbands.

That’s my take and you can read more here.

See which rides and attractions will have Fast Lane access in 2012:
California’s Great America | Canada’s Wonderland | Carowinds | Cedar Point | Dorney Park | Kings Dominion | Kings Island | Knott’s Berry Farm | Michigan’s Adventure | Worlds of Fun

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  1. cft925

    I am planning on visiting Kings Dominion on a Saturday in June, and they wanted $55 for a Fast Pass. Looks like I will be waiting in line with the masses.

    Dorney Park doesn't really need this since there are usually short lines or no lines at all for the coasters, even Steel Force, because everyone goes to the water park.

    • The Coaster Critic

      Good luck at KD. I'd recommend you get there before the park opens if you can. When they start opening up the park, I'd head straight for Intimidator 305 and then Volcano. I'd assume that they'll have the longest lines and they're probably the park's best two roller coasters.

      • DRU

        Volcano first Always! If your lucky you may get an empty train for faster launches. Volcano will have a long wait pretty quickly. The I305 line never really gets bad midweek. For a Saturday…If you get a pass… [The cheaper pass is not even 20 dollars more than a one day ticket.] they let pass holders in the main park a half hour earlier than the masses so you can be assured to get front row on both with very little or no wait. Back row has better air on i305 so do both front and back. FYI they only let you in early in one spot behind the Eiffel Tower. Don't be drawn to the Dominator early, she never has a bad line.

      • The Coaster Critic

        Note to self. Do everything in my power to make sure I get on an emptier train for faster launches on Volcano!

        If it's noticeably different, that'd be awesome!

    • Bill Robertson


      Just pointing out that here in the UK's top theme park the equivalent costs £70, close to $100, way more than KD's $55, and although it is a great park, KD probably tops it, so I know I'd definitely take the $55 option.

    • cft925

      Thanks Joel and Bill for the advice. Just curious, Bill, are you referring to Blackpool Pleasure Beach or Alton Towers? Anyway, This is our overnight stop on the way home from vacation in South Carolina, so I don't plan on getting there until 4:00 and getting a Twilight ticket. Based on what you guys said, it might be a good option to spend the money. We will see. Either way, I can't wait to ride Intimidator 305.

  2. Mike M.

    Just in time for my 5-park Cedar Fair tour this summer! Definitely will at least get them for Cedar Point due to the sheer amount of must rides on my list there. I may get the other ones depending on how crowded the parks may be. I'm with Joel. If you're going to travel long distances traveling to a theme park, why not maximize your time and experience?

  3. Caveman

    Planning ahead to hit a park on an off day and getting on rides in a strategic order is free, so I'll stick to that. But this is good for people without the ability to do that.

  4. Lev

    I Don't see myself getting a fast lane for Kings Dominion.

    The only coaster with consistently brutal lines is Volcano. Get there early and ride it, and then hit Intidimidator. Spend the rest of the day on Anaconda, Rebel Yell, and Grizzly (all great coasters) and the awesome drop tower and you won't be waiting in line too much. Head back to Dominator later in the day and there won't be any lines there either.

    Most likely a waste of money in my opinion at KD, unless you just want to ride Intimidator and Volcano all day. Also – the pass does NOT get you a shot at the front row on Volcano. That absolutely sucks, as front row is easily the best seat on the ride, and usually doesn't add much to your wait either.

    • Nate

      Hey Lev – did you actually use a fastpass st KD this season? A big part of the appeal of bypassing the lines for me is that I'll be more inclined to wait for the front or back once i get up to the platform. Are you saying that if you use the fastpass, you don't have the option of waiting for the better seats?

      • Joe

        I know this was 23 weeks ago, but I figured maybe I'd help anyways. There are only two coasters at KD that I believe you can't get front row for with the Fast Lane pass: Intimidator 305 and Volcano. For everything else, you'll typically be taken straight to the loading station, where you will have the choice of where to sit (front/back included). Also, you only get two Fast Lane rides on Volcano when I was there last.

  5. Brad

    Fast Lane is the greatest thing ever to Cedar Point. I just went and got a 5 trip experience in 1 day.


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