The Coaster Critic's Blog Over the Years

The Coaster Critic’s Blog Turns 6

The Coaster Critic's Blog Over the Years6th Anniversary of The Coaster Critic’s Blog
The Coaster Critic’s Blog turned 6 this week. It’s been fun covering my adventures at theme parks and writing coaster reviews all these years. To date, I’ve published 885 posts (including dozens of reviews) and the blog has received over 10,000 comments. There was a time that I wondered if there was enough theme park-related content to sustain a blog. There’s no question that there is. There’ll always be another park to visit, great-looking ride to conquer, or interesting news story to write about.

Looking Ahead: The Seventh Season
I’ve got a pretty busy (for me at least) theme park season planned for 2012. I’m writing this post from Florida at the end of an Islands of Adventure, SeaWorld, & Legoland trip. Things are still coming together, but I see myself definitely going to Dollywood (for Wild Eagle & Mystery Mine) and Busch Gardens Williamsburg (for Verbolten) along with several trips to my home park Carowinds. There may be another trip or two as well, but you can expect reviews of at least those two new 2012 coasters.

As always, this hobby of mine wouldn’t be half as much fun without your readership and comments. Thanks for joining me this far and stay tuned for Season 7!