Formula Rossa - Worlds Fastest Roller CoasterWhile I wouldn’t call Kingda Ka the best roller coaster it is an experience that I recommend every coaster fan or thrill seeker should try at least once. The feeling of that 128 mph launch is incredible. I’m sure Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster gives a similarly exhilarating ride. I wouldn’t know as it broke down while I was in the queue.

Having said that, I’m not typically one who gets overly excited about record-breaking roller coasters and rides that are notable just for their superlatives (fastest, tallest, etc.), but Formula Rossa looks pretty amazing.

Formula Rossa > Kingda Ka

As fun as our American speed demons are, they’re both very brief with about 30 second ride durations. Formula Rossa at Ferrari World (where else?) pushes the limits with a launch of 0 to 149.1 mph in 4 seconds and it boasts a ride duration around 1:30.

Kingda Ka’s top hat is cool and that view 400-plus feet in the air is memorable, but I think I’d prefer Formula Rossa’s layout. From this great POV and off-ride video of Formula Rossa, the ride’s layout actually looks pretty fun. There’s a section that’s low to the ground and some airtime hills that are likely great at high speed.

Watch Robb and Elisa Alvey (Theme Park Review) take on this 149 mph monster in the video below. Notice how their cheeks are flapping in the wind and how the train sounds like a jet is flying by during the off-ride shots.

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

See photos of Fomula Rossa and the rest of the World’s Fastest Roller Coasters on RCDB. Also visit the official page for Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. And, you can pick a side in the never ending Kingda Ka vs. Top Thrill Dragster roller coaster showdown.

What’s Your Take?
How do you think Formula Rossa looks? Do you think it looks better than Top Thrill Dragster & Kingda Ka? Leave a comment below. Photo via (cc) Flickr user calflier001.

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  1. Surya

    I've always felt like the hills seem to be taken too slow to get any decent airtime, which would make the whole ride miss the point. If you don't get the airtime it's just stupid fast turns. I hope I'm wrong.

    • Jack

      Agreed. The best part of any ride is air time, and if you don't have it, then you lose a key factor of why people ride rollercoasters.

  2. DRU

    This video is way faster looking then the older ones. I am more excited now about the prospect of a ride like this here in the USA. The early videos made it look like she crawled over the hills. You can now better sense the intensity, especially the G's in the turns.

    A reply to Surya's comment above… Try Intimidator 305 before you call fast turns "stupid". I believe the concepts are the same. I305 themed to simulate Nascar, and Formula Rossa themed to simulate Formula 1.

    I would love to see an american version that would be Rossa Speed, and style integrating the so called "Twisties" from I305. I wonder if it's possible to exaggerate the twisties like a hammerhead past 90 degrees? I bet that would be nuts!

    • Surya

      I have actually ridden I305. But that coaster is so much more than just high speed turns. It has an insane drop, some wonderful airtime and great twists, while Formula Rossa doesn't seem (I stress the word SEEM) to offer any airtime worthy of that name, and I wouldn't call it twisty either. And just some high speed turns one after an other is hardly exiting, now is it?

  3. Matt

    This looks better than kingda ka. Definitely. It may not have the height, but the layout is lengthy and it has some good airtime moments it seems. It seems like a rare occasion when a record holder is a good quality ride.

  4. Kristofer

    I've ridden kingda ka and dragster, and I always thought they were thrilling, fun, but too short. I want to ride this now 🙂

  5. Matt McIrvin

    Okay, when the launch is actually threatening to remove clothing from the riders, I think we may be approaching some sort of limit.

    • The Coaster Critic

      I'd agree, but that could have also happened on any other launcher. I can't speak to how women's wear typically holds up. If any women want to chime in I'd like to hear their take. The extreme cheek flapping makes me wonder about a limit.

  6. Quil

    I still don't like the fact that it has trimmed launches. If it's going to go at 149.1 mph, at least let it complete one element with the speed from that launch. if you want to put some trims after the first element so that any elements after that don't cost a million each to make, have at it. But please, stop trimming the launches.

    • Bill Robertson

      That's exactly what I thought the first time I saw the POV. Hopefully like I305 they'll eventually remove the trims.

      • Quil

        I don't think they will. They never designed this coaster to handle 150mph. They designed it to be able to handle the actual speed, which I assume is somewhere between 60-90mph. If they removed the trims, the g-forces would be too strong.

      • The Coaster Critic

        I'm not sure about that, but it was interesting that the park owners said that while it can achieve 150, it'd likely operate at a speed less than that. I'm sure there's a link to that article in my first or second post about Formula Rossa. But, I thought they'd slow it down a bit, not because it can't handle it, but more for the riders. Just a guess.

      • Mike

        It's possible it has the same issues that have plagued I305. Which is wheels burning up and melting.

  7. Gearhart

    The launch looks really cool, though I'm not sure I'd really like being in the front with the wind in your face being so extreme. I can't really find the justification of traveling all that way for something that's just a little bit more than a one trick pony. I'm glad they tried to actually come up with a rather lengthy layout, but it doesn't really seem to jump out at me. If I ever find myself in Dubai…

  8. coasterer22

    This coaster to me has always looked just O.K. Yes you go fast, and yes it has a more interesting layout than just going up and down, but it has never seemed amazing to me. And like others said, I wouldn't want to travel halfway around the world to ride one coaster, even if it is the fastest. If it was in America though, I'd definently make a trip to it.

  9. Onatu

    Hey guys, I actually had the opportunity to ride Formula Rossa this past February on a trip to Dubai. I will tell you, it is a thrilling ride. Regretfully, I'm unable to compare it with Top Thrill Dragster or Kingda Ka in terms of speed (both coasters were closed down when I visited Great Adventure and Cedar Point), but what this coaster brings is insane.

    Insane as in "you are wondering how it is still accelerating"-insane. And it completely dried out my mouth.

    The ride was a bit rough with constant bumps, but you enjoy the ride so much you hardly notice them. The braking at the end was nice and somewhat gradual, enough that it didn't feel like you were thrown forward all of a sudden. Not any noticeable airtime though (at least from what I can remember). Overall though, a fantastic coaster that is definitely worth the journey getting there.

  10. YummyJuice

    Ride looks darn tootin fun. Sometime in my life, i will go to Abu Dhabi and ride formula rossa.

  11. Brian

    Im not a huge fan of KK, I mean the launch is awesome and the top hat is cool but so short!

    I prefer rides that actually do stuff, which this seems to.

    Only thing is, I was curious about air time and while not many have ridden it, sounds like there is not much air time at all….

    That is kind of lame, and while I'm sure the ride is epic and fast lack of air must hurt it.

    As for the trims I see those comments everywhere.

    People, there is NO way they could let it go at 149 mph. It'd need to be over 2 miles long and REALLY drawn out…even then it'd be too much. You couldn't do anything at that speed, the force would be too much.

    I do wish it lasted longer, like a straightaway. Also it needs some airtime.

    Hopefully a park here in the US will do that, and re take the record and push it to 150 mph!

  12. Brian

    Basically, the US needs a more intense version!

    My dream: 0 – 150. It goes at that speed for a second or 2 then is slowed to 75 or 80, then goes through a more intense/twisty layout with serious airtime!

    Imagine that launch, then the extreme airtime of Skyrush, with some twists of i305 thrown in!

  13. blasterboy65

    I don't get where it reaches its top speed. Does it go 149 mph during the end of the launch or when going up the hill?

  14. david

    The ride looks pretty amazing. I can see either Six Flags Great Adventure or Cedar Point (My homestate Park), trying in the next 5 years or so to outdue each other for the fastest roller coaster in the world. With Cedar Point adding Gatekeeper as only the 3rd winged coaster in the U.S. is going to be pretty amazing and should help with park congestion on Millenium Force, Dragster and Maverick.

  15. Alex

    I think it looks great. Even if the airtime is weak, the low to the ground turns would be insane at that speed. Those extreme high speed turns are something neither TTD or Kingda Ka has. These turns would give a true sense of speed.

  16. Nicholas

    This looks fun, if I go to Abu Dhabi I’ll ride it. I wish there was a roller coaster like Kingda Ka, except faster, faster acceleration, higher, and right after the big drop it would do giant loops while doing multiple corkscrews at the same time.

  17. Simra

    I am going to visit Dubai in two weeks time and i am planning to go on the Ferrari rollercoaster. Should i or is it a waste of time and money

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