Whoa! Check Out Wodan

Europa Park’s Wodan – Timburcoaster has to be one of the best-themed wooden roller coasters I’ve ever seen. The queue looks amazing with plenty of detail bringing the Norse world to this German park. One image I came across referenced “bifrost”. If you saw the Thor movie, then you might remember that was the name of the rainbow bridge from Earth to Asgard.

Anyway, Europa Park put a lot of effort into theming the ride. In case you haven’t seen how great this intensely-themed GCI Woodie looks, here are some images courtesy of Bloggercoaster. Note how the ride interacts with other rides like the water coaster Atlantica Supersplash and Blue Fire Megacoaster:[simple_slideshow size=”slider1″ link_click=”1″ auto_advance=”1″]

View more images and read Xavi’s review posts: Wodan Analysis Part 1 | Wodan Analysis Part 2
Again, Google’s great Chrome browser allows for easy translation to English!

And here’s a POV video that shows Wodan’s exciting ride. It looks like another solid ride from GCI:

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Wodan made my list of the best looking new roller coasters opening in Europe & Asia this year. See why and the rest of the list here: 7 Best New Roller Coasters Opening in Eurasia

What do you think of Wodan? Can you think of any other heavily-themed woodies? Leave a comment below. Awesome images courtesy of Bloggercoaster.