WildCat Removed from Cedar Point

Cedar Point announced today that the WildCat roller coaster is going to be removed before opening day. As is often the case in ride removals, the park cites “low ridership and increased maintenance costs” as reasons for its demolition. WildCat is a small Anton Schwarzkopf-designed roller coaster. It has been at Cedar Point since 1979. Here’s the official statement from the park:

[quote]Cedar Point has announced that it is expanding its new Celebration Plaza. As a part of that expansion, Cedar Point will be removing the WildCat roller coaster.

WildCat was coming to the end of its useful life. With the desired expansion of Celebration Plaza, coupled with the low ridership and increased maintenance costs, Cedar Point has decided to accelerate the removal of the ride. WildCat will be removed from the park prior to Opening Day and the materials will be sent to a recycling facility.

This expansion is one of several initiatives that will beautify the park midways and enhance guests’ experiences. Additional improvements include state-of-the-art lighting packages on Giant Wheel, Millennium Force and Power Tower, a new sound and lighting system along the park’s Main Midway and the re-painting of the Millennium Force and Blue Streak roller coasters.

Cedar Point remains committed to being the roller coaster capital of the world.  New roller coasters, rides and attractions will always be a part of Cedar Point’s future.

Cedar Point Press Release[/quote]

The mention of WildCat “coming to the end of its useful life” is very reminiscent of Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s statement when it removed Bad Wolf. Will there be a similar outpouring of sadness as news of WildCat’s removal spreads? While coaster enthusiasts are likely to mourn the removal of any Schwarzkopf-designed coaster (his rides are often thought of as classics), I’d imagine that the general public will be more excited about the park’s future plans for the areas.

WildCat was one of the roller coasters that I wasn’t able to get to during my day at Cedar Point. So, I can’t speak to how good the ride was or wasn’t. So, I’ll leave that up to you. Are you sad to see the ride go or just looking forward to what takes its place? Is Cedar Point losing a classic or a clunker? Vote in the poll and leave a comment below.[poll id=”64″]

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  1. jeremy

    I am extramly sad to see Wild Cat go. With Cedar Point as my new home park after Geauga Lakes closeing, I have seen Wild Cat's great family qualities. This classic will be missed in my heart.

  2. Mike

    I vote for classic! This was actually one of my favorite coasters there and the only wild mouse that I have ever loved. To think I almost skipped it because I generally don't enjoy wild mouse rides. I would probably put it as the fifth best coaster at the point (just my opinion from my enjoyment of the rides). The ride is different from other wild mice as it had multiple drops with some airtime and not the typical curved layout. What can I say I really really enjoyed this coaster. I can't say I'm sad to see it go just because I've only visited the park one time and don't have an attachment but I will say it probably is a much better coaster than a lot of other coasters around the country even for a wild mouse.

  3. Cade

    Definitely a clunker. This thing is pretty awful. Plus, is this a sign for a roller coaster in Cedar Point in the future? Hopefully!

    • The Coaster Critic

      A roller coaster or TWO Cade? The rumor mill is abuzz like it is every year. And according to Lance there's talk of maybe one family and one larger (maybe a wing coaster) coming to Cedar Point. Again, just rumors for now.

  4. coasterer22

    I'm mixed. Yes, it's definently a "classic", but it's definently time for Wildcat to be removed. I mean, Cedar Point has to put thier 2013 coaster somewhere, right?

  5. Prof.BAM

    I've been wondering why it was still there. I mean, compared to everything else the park has, there's that one coaster that has little to no history behind it. I wish it would still be in operation through July!!!

  6. L.J.

    Im actually happy to hear this ive never been to cedar point but ive been waiting since after maverick was established to see a new roller coaster with the demolition of this ride they might can get something

  7. Mark

    "might can get something?"

    I rode Wildcat last year on my trip to Cedar Point, solely for the "credit." Due to its low capacity the wait was almost as long as for the big rides (Raptor, etc.) The only intense part was the brake at the end of the ride, which was on too high. A good introductory coaster for a small kid or someone who doesn't like big rides, but Iron Dragon, immediately next door, also serves that purpose (as do several others at Cedar Point). Gemini is sort of a kid coaster compared with the Big Intamins and B&Ms, with much greater capacity — and Cedar Point definitely needs high capacity rides.

    My vote for CP would be to give Mean Streak the New Texas Giant treatment. I didn't find it rough (probably due to track work and the trim brake on the first drop), it was merely boring. Maverick had a line approaching an hour and Mean Streak was a walk on, even for the front seat.

    My other vote would be for MaxAir, the Giant Frisbee, to be cloned for as many places as possible. It was better than many coasters. No nausea from the spinning. Awesome views of tall towers at strange angles. It even had a decent run time, unlike SkyHawk, the Screaming Swing (which was almost as good as MaxAir).

    • Piedude81

      During my trip to CP, the wait for Maverick was only 30 minutes, (which could be reduced to 10 if you ride single rider) and the Mean Streak line was at full capacity.

    • Judy P in Pgh

      Wow, Mark, you just may be my twin … at least in regards to having similar thoughts about ALL of the things mentioned above. I agree with comments posted about Wildcat being better than most "mouse" coasters, but lately find that we skip it just because of the wait time.

    • Judy P in Pgh

      P.S. C'mon over to Kennywood. We're getting our very own MaxAir!

      • Mark

        The last time I went to Kennywood the Laser Loop was the New Big Thing. I haven't been on the Phantom (either version). It's a consequence of living three time zones west …

        I am hoping to ride Skyrush this season, but Kennywood will have to wait for another time.

        Skyrush > Phantom

  8. Piedude81

    First of all, the lot occupied by Wildcat would be nowhere big enough to host any roller coaster other than a kiddy or wild mouse type coaster, so let's dismiss any ideas of the Wildcat site being used as the big 2013 coaster. But now, we know that Cedar Point will need a large 2013 attraction to match 17 coasters (Magic Mountain's coaster count), and another coaster to match Magic Mountain, which is rumored to open a new coaster in 2013. So we may be expecting a small kiddy section or roller coaster to occupy the vacant Wildcat lot. Also, it was time for Wildcat to go. It was fun for little kids, or a ride you only have to wait 15 minutes for, but not much else. It was painful when I rode it, and the brake run has experienced to many incidents to ignore.

  9. Gearhart

    I actually thought it was pretty fun even though I just rode it for the credit, the hard brakes at the end were a bit much but overall I had a good time on it. Plus it didn't really have a wait when even Iron Dragon had a 20 minute wait next door and I enjoyed that one much less. It did kinda seem out of place amongst the Point's other big rides as I'm used to the same model running at the Puyallup fair, and it seemed a bit to carny like for a major park like that. It was time to go, but I have some respect for the old Schwarzkopf.

  10. Amrap09

    I voted classic. It was the first coaster I ever rode. It's a great first coaster for youngsters and those just starting out. People need to remember not everyone can go 200 ft plus. I'm definitely bummed I won't get to ride it with my kids.

  11. AltonTowers

    I think it was a good idea for the WildCat to go – but they should of sold it to another park, instead of scrapping it completely 🙁

  12. pgh nick

    A Zac Spin coaster should be able to fit in the small footprint of the wild cat. It would be a nice addition (along with the rumored winged coaster) and would bring the coaster count back up (especially if disaster transport is demolished this year (also rumored).. not sad to see it go if it is replaced but would hate to lose it if it is not replaced! Just my thoughts…

    • Cory

      Green Lantern at Magic Mountain is HORRIBLE. It's just not an enjoyable coaster. You hardly spin and it's actually kind of painful for a brand new steel coaster. I would take Wild Cat or an upgraded Mouse Trap over a Zac Spin any day.

    • Martin

      Gotta agree with Cory, the green Lantern Zac Spin at MM is just AWEFUL. We travelled from Australia and visited 17 parks. We voted Green Lantern at MM and Shock Wave at KD the worst rides in the USA !

  13. Cory

    Classic. Always loved Wild Cat. It's a dying breed and it was sad to see it go for a dance party. I'm usually not that bummed when a park removes a ride, but I was after they took out Paddlewheel and Wildcat.

  14. Susan Iseman

    It’s hard really hard to say goodbuye to all the fun excitement at a fun filled amusement park. These parks had brought us some fond fun filled memories. That we have yet to cherish for years to come. They are gone but not forgotten. Lets remember them now as they are now and when they first opened up to the public so can enjoy them. But now as they are closed down now and gone. Forever but we will have fun fond memories to look back on them as they once were. Take the chance and the fun time at the amusement parks that are still opened up. And have those memories from those theme parks and amusement parks to cherish for years to come with fond fun filled memories. From the ones that are still opened up to us. But we will never forget the ones that have been abandoned either have fun keep having that fun to sincerely Susan Iseman from Albany New York. Keep going to those fun amusement parks the ones that are open still. Have fun.

  15. Sooz

    Are ya KIDDIN. Every damn time we rode Wild Cat we laughed so hard we almost peed our pants. So much fun!!! Zipping around fast turns and the hairpin turn at the end ! OMG ! My friend and I cracked heads and it was hilarious! We cracked up for the rest of the day just thinking about it. Will always be one of my faves and a main reason I went to CP. Big tall steep drop fast coasters are awesome but sometimes you just want a good old fashioned FUN time on a little fast zippy coaster..with NO wait. I would ride it 20 times and never get sick of the laughs ! What a shame. Sad sad sad. Truly a CLASSIC down to earth just plain fun fun fun ride. Sorry but you messed up CP. BTW – I would ride the Wild Cat a thousand times before going to a “dance show”. (Rolling my eyes)


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