The highly anticipated B&M giga coaster is here. Leviathan has been unleashed at Canada’s Wonderland and some early reviews are starting to trickle in. Once again, Crave Coasters was there with great coverage of that monster. During a benefit, a few lucky riders were the first to face it’s sky-scrapping 300-plus foot peak. Leviathan - Canadas Wonderland - New Roller Coaster

Leviathan’s Lair – New Tunnel Added

The preview videos and construction photos I’ve come across never showed a tunnel, but now that the ride’s open there’s a 100 foot steel covering at the bottom of the first drop. It’s being described as looking similar to Millennium Force’s tunnels. I’m big on tunnels so I’m all for it.

This post on Theme Park Review includes an image of Leviathan’s tunnel at the bottom of the first drop. Right now it’s just a steel covering, but some are wondering if Canada’s Wonderland still has more to do with it. To truly be Leviathan’s lair, and follow the theme of the rest of the ride fans are hoping for some type of cave-like theming.

Leviathan Reviews: Speed in Spades

As the reviews come in, I’ve been interested to see what people think. Here’s a sample:

Leviathan is all about speed. Sit on the outside at the front for the best experience. You feel like the ground is going to open up and swallow you during that first drop! – KDunatov on The Coaster Critic

“That first drop is just amazing and the speed just never lets up. Such a great ride! The tunnel is definitely a great head chopper and really gives a sense of how fast you’re going. If you blink, you’ll miss it!”  – rollin_n_coastin on CWMania

What a great ride! Fast, smooth and VERY fun. I could ride that all day. Rode 4th and 2nd car, didn’t get to experience the back. It’s like you don’t even notice the tunnel, you’re going to quick. If you happen to blink at that time, you would have gone through it and missed it anyway. – boomer78 on CWMania

The high speed curve is surprisingly fun, and yes you do pull a little airtime on it! Each element is executed with speed and elegance, Leviathan is a coaster that should be on an enthusiast’s bucket list! – PureCoaster

Here’s another great on-ride POV video from Theme Park Review. Again, don’t try this yourself kids:

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

Read Crave the Coasterer’s full coverage of Leviathan’s opening: First Ride: Leviathan Unleashes Its Fury

Leviathan just opened to the public, so I’m sure we’ll get to hear from more and more people what they think of it.

How do you think Leviathan looks now that it’s open? Have you ridden it? Leave a comment or review below. Images Courtesy of[poll id=”65″]

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  1. Gearhart

    The mostly positive reviews so far are encouraging, especially since I'll be in Toronto in about 5 weeks! So excited for this ride and Behemoth! Too bad the rest of the parks lineup seems to leave a lot to be desired. It's about time they have a truly attractive one, two punch to lure the enthusiasts in.

  2. L.J.

    I'm really liking the ride. Months ago when the announcement first came out I was very skeptical of how this ride would turn out BUT after seeing the POV and looking at pictures and now these reviews my opnion has done a complete 180 it looks amazing and I really want to ride it 🙂 🙂 B&M did a great job on this one!!!! 🙂

  3. steve

    I braved the unseasonably cold weather on April 27th to be among the first to ride the giant sea dragon – LEVIATHAN – at Canada's Wonderland. Of course, because Leviathan's serpentine body rises 306ft above sea level – which is higher than The Statue of Liberty – it would be a lot colder, like below freezing, at the top of this beast.

    Apparently I wasn't the only one crazy enuf to do this. At least a thousand people showed up, young and old alike. Mercifully, the sun was shining brightly and that provided a little warmth.

    Awesomely themed, the so-called "Leviathan Plaza" features a jaw-dropping marker/fountain/monument that gushes steam and water with the mythical sea monster perched on top…its eyes blazing menacingly with alternating coloured lights (see pic below).

    The first drop of the coaster is raked at a stunning 80 degree angle and, if you're sitting anywhere in the last 3 seats, you should be prepared for the shock of a lifetime. You are yanked suddenly into a heart-stopping free-fall that boggles the mind and electrifies the senses. Its an exquisitely terrifying moment of unbridled horror that is every coaster-lover's dream come true.

    If I had to rate LEVIATHAN based on the first drop alone, then this Giga Coaster gets an A+++.

    With alarming speed, you pull out from the drop and race through the various elements, heading for the front gate, and experiencing some cool "head-chopping" moments along the way. The train navigates everything perfectly and up to this point I rate Leviathan with a strong A.

    But its at the turnaround point, high above the trees at the front gate, where Leviathan quits showing off and becomes something like a lizard as opposed to a sea dragon. I was actually bored and wanted to get off and perhaps do some ironing, which might have been more fun.

    An extra element such as an underground helix would have created some awesome lateral g-forces and given the final stretch some much-needed spice.

    Overall, Leviathan gets a 6.5 out of 10 in my books. The addition of the above-ground tunnel at the base of the first hill improves the ride a little. Still, BEHEMOTH is the better coaster IMO.

    • d

      I must say I completely disagree. After riding Leviathan a feel strongly the Behemoth is in fact the weaker coaster. Its lack of a)speed b)height and c)excessive number of low speed lazy hills contributes to Leviathans superb ride

      Also Leviathan has a leg up when it comes to the build quality. Leviathan is the smoothest coaster I have ever been on.

      Don't listen to this guy. Leviathan is the real deal.

      • The Coaster Critic

        Sounds like there's enough interest for a Leviathan vs. Behemoth roller coaster showdown. Too bad I haven't ridden either. Hmmm…

      • Will

        I would like to see a showdown between Leviathan and Millennium Force. Is Leviathan better or worse then an Intamin Giga?

  4. Flying Eagel

    So glad I got a season's pass this year. I'm happy to have given this one a go six times since opening day.

    It is a super-fast and smooth ride with a crazy BIG first drop. You just go flying towards the ground and barely notice the tunnel because of the speed. This is clearly the highlight of this coaster. After that, it just goes racing towards the entrance of the park. Here it banks sideways quickly making you look like you're going to hit a pole. Nice. Then it launches up a big hill and slams down and then up into the turn-around. You get some great airtime here. Then is it makes it's way back to the station at the same speed with some "hilly bits" and turns.

    It is a fun and super-fast coaster, however, the speed unfortunately makes this one a tad too short for my liking. When the ride is done, I always feel like it's missing something. It could be great….but….

    The first day I rode it; I did some comparison rides with Behemoth, and came to the decision that Behemoth is a overall better coaster. It has more airtime, length and a double helix. It just lacks the speed of Leviathan. On my second and third trips to the park, however, I enjoyed Leviathan more. The speed makes the difference.

    Overall it ranks 8/10. If it was longer and had some fast helixes or Twisty bits, it would be perfect. But it just fizzles out and ends too soon. 🙁

    It's almost like a mini Millennium Force, however, just doesn't come close to the overall satisfaction that one gets from riding MI. Still my favorite of all time (with El Toro).

    Come to Toronto and give it a ride though. It will not disappoint.

  5. Johnson

    I have rode Leviathan 12 times and behemoth 10 times, they are both amazing rides, leviathan is the better ride and it is much longer than behemoth. This is one of the worlds best rollercoasters. Kingda Ka(never rode it before) and Top Thrill Dragster(have rode it once) are amazing rides yet i prefer Leviathan due to its length.

    • steve

      " Leviathan…is much longer than behemoth."

      With all due respect, I must point out that Leviathan is 20 seconds SHORTER than Behemoth. Leviathan is only 50 seconds long (from the point of acceleration at the top of the first hill to the break run) while Behemoth is 1 minute and 10 seconds long.

      ~ steve

  6. Steve

    Dear D,

    I offer a review and an opinion. There is no need to say "Don’t listen to this guy". I'm sure you wouldn't like that if I said we shouldn't listen to you.

    Also, you should be careful with what you write: by saying "excessive number of low speed lazy hills contributes to Leviathans superb ride" you've essentially contradicted yourself by saying that Leviathan has a number of low speed lazy hills. Its poor grammar but I understand you meant to say that BEHEMOTH is the one with the lazy hills.

    Okay, so: having established that we all have the right to an opinion, I will demonstrate to you that Leviathan does not have the leg up on Behemoth.

    But before I do, a word about BEHEMOTH's lazy hills: yes, they are low speed lazy hills because B+M built the coaster. If Intamin had built BEHEMOTH, those hills would have been FAST SPEED ejector air-timee hills…!

    Now back to LEVIATHAN: the leg up? Really? As far as the first drop goes, you are 100% right. But as Flying Eagle and I have pointed out, Leviathan is TOO SHORT. This big bad Giga Coaster is only ***50 SECONDS LONG*** from the point of acceleration to the brake run.

    BEHEMOTH is 1 minutes and 10 seconds long from the point of accerlation to the brake run.

    Do the math. The big bad Leviathan is 20 seconds shorter. This sea dragon is missing its tail…. an nice underground helix would have added at least 10 more seconds to the ride and produced some tremendous lateral G-forces.

    Millennium Force is one minute+ long and Iron Dragon ( the Giga Coaster in Japan ) is over 2 minutes in length. 50 seconds is pretty lame for the 3rd biggest (complete circuit) coaster on the planet don't you think?

    Well, maybe in the future, they will add on to Leviathan and give it the fiersome finale it deserves – instead of the plain flat and exceedingly long brake run it currently has.

    Furthermore and finally, BEHEMOTH is the better coaster because of its interaction with the water and lake.

    For being a creaure of the water, Leviathan is lacking here – so until they build in some water themeing or shipwrecks around the coaster, Leviathan is thematically inferior to the BEHEMOTH.



  7. delahoussaye

    Why dose the first drop drop look like its beyond vertical ?

  8. Gearhart

    Just hit up Canada's Wonderland a couple days ago as my first stop on a east coast coaster tour and although I still prefer MF's first drop, Leviathan's is no slouch. It just seems to keep curving steeper and steeper as you plummet. While the rest of the ride is a bit too short and I wish there were a couple more elements before that incredibly tall brake run, overall I prefered it over MF. It's glass smooth and it seems the only time it doesn't seem like it's screaming like a bat outta hell is when you're floating out of your seat on the two larger camelback's. The sheer speed makes this ride along with great pacing, something I felt was lacking on MF, and was also what elevated it over the much longer airtime machine across the park. I might also add that I didn't fully appreciate the height until I was in line looking up that lift that seemed to stretch on forever. Solid 9 though with a little more added to the course it could've been a 10.

    • The Coaster Critic

      Nice review Gearhart. I'm jealous. I'll have to get up there in the next year or two so I can do all of the Leviathan/Millennium Force and Leviathan/Behemoth comparisons. Thanks for your take!

  9. Alex Fahner

    This and Behemoth are really tight. But I give Leviathan the edge.

  10. MPM

    Went to Wonderland back in May and although I only got to ride this and Behemoth once each, I'd have to say I prefer Behemoth. I was out of my seat half the time and it seemed like there wasn't a dull or wasted moment. Perhaps the double helix was a tad slow and unexciting but everything else was great; it's right up there with Apollo's Chariot to me. Don't forget Behemoth has that awesome v-shape seating arrangement – why Leviathan does not I have no idea. I give it the edge over Leviathan hands down but you know what…that's just my personal opinion since coasters don't scare me that much and for me airtime > scare thrills. First drop on Leviathan was great but after that…ehhh, whatevs. You can't blame B&M too much though because Leviathan is LITERALLY a parking lot coaster – half of it is built into the parking lot so there were some serious space constraints to deal with.

    • CoasterCritic

      Nice reviews. Those are two B&Ms I'll have to ride some time soon. Thanks for reading!

    • steve

      "You can't blame B&M too much though because Leviathan is LITERALLY a parking lot coaster – half of it is built into the parking lot so there were some serious space constraints to deal with."

      Check out the Coaster Critic's 10th favorite coaster, HADES at Mt. Olympus park (you can take a POV ride on Youtube) and you will see that B+M could have built *under* the parking lot, adding an extra element near the end such as a wicked helix with tons of lateral g-forces.

      Its a shame, really, considering how creative they were in having the coaster leap out of the park and making great use of the wooded "island" near the front gate.

      Seriously, ride HADES online and see how spectacularly B+M dropped the ball with Leviathan.

      ~ steve

  11. John

    It is really cool to hear all of the opinions and experiences regarding Leviathan and Behemoth. After making my annual visit to CW yesterday, I was quite impressed with the overall Leviathan experience…theming, awe-factor massiveness and speed.

    HOWEVER…I will say that I agree with other comments here about how the ride leaves you wanting more. Don't get me wrong…the drop is simply amazing, the tunnel is so fast that you can easily miss it, and the hammerhead is a cool element. But after that, it does get…well…boring I guess. And I don't really understand the excessively long brake run. I find it underwhelming that you're still so high above the station that you actually slowly descend to the station on the brake run. Simply unacceptable, in my opinion. I rode the second car and the fifth car…I liked both equally and didn't notice a huge difference with either in terms of ride experience.

    After making Leviathan my first ride of the day (x2), I was satisfied that I had gotten it out of the way in case I didn't make it back. We then proceeded to Behemoth later in the day. We rode the second car, outside seats. While it is 100 ft shorter in height, the first drop still has that steepness and take-your-breath-away feeling that Leviathan has. The difference between the two monsters is that the "lazy hills" on the Behemoth caused me to ride half of the ride out of my seat. So be careful calling them lazy. While they don't whip you into the air like an Intamin does, they cause a more sustained airtime feeling and I LOVE IT!

    So…I give Leviathan a solid 8, but if nothing else, riding Leviathan helped to solidify Behemoth as a 10 in my book! Bigger isn't always better!


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