Skyrush Roller Coaster - Hersheypark 2012Another weekend is here, and in a year packed with new roller coasters, that means another set of exciting new rides are open. This time, Hersheypark fans were treated to their first rides on Skyrush. The park’s new winged-seat, hyper coaster is generating some very positive reviews. As good hyper coasters do, Skyrush appears to be delivering quite a bit of airtime.

Here’s a sample of some of the early reviews of Skyrush at Hersheypark:

The twisty over the water was great, and it essentially throws your body up out and off to the side, offering some really unique airtime. The final, albeit tiny, airtime hill offers the most intense and high-flying airtime I have ever experienced, and it really felt like I was being thrown into the trees or Comet in the distance. – griffonj2022 on Theme Park Review

….SkyRush had the most intense airtime out of any coaster that I’ve been on. I’d definitely rank SkyRush up there with my all time favorite coasters: I305, Nemesis, Tobu Zoo’s mega-lite, and El Toro.- Swimace on Theme Park Review

Skyrush Is In Good Company

Skyrush at Hersheypark As several have said, Skyrush is joining some ‘really good company’; meaning fans are placing it among their top rides. Swimace’s mention of Tobu Zoo’s mega-lite is music to my ears. I’ve been hoping for a mega-lite here in the States for years as the globe-trotting coaster enthusiasts have ranked them very highly in their top ten lists. It’s exciting to hear that from at least one enthusiast’s view, Skyrush is comparable.

The twisty mentioned above is a reference to Intimidator 305’s direction-changing banks that throw you like a rag doll from side-to-side. It’s cool to see Intamin use this new element again and give riders a kind of wild lateral airtime.

Skyrush’s Trains & Ride Experience

Fitting the ride’s name, Skyrush’s trains seem to shoot up the lift hill. Another poster mentioned that Skyrush could be alternating between a faster lift and slower lift at times. Here’s a video showing a train rocketing (for a lift hill at least) up and out of the station.

No one should be surprised that the waits were long, but several riders mentioned that loading was subpar. Hopefully the park can work out any kinks and improve ride ops. Also, the winged seats seem to be getting somewhat mixed reviews. The restraints have been called ‘uncomfortable’, and a few riders mentioned that outer seats don’t really make much of a difference.

Regardless, where it matters, it sounds like Skyrush really delivers. I’m curious as to where I’d rank it and possibly place it, if it’s as good as it sounds. A hyper coaster with a terrain-ish layout, cool banked turns next to a creek, and strong airtime throughout? It sounds like a potential top ten coaster to me.

Here’s a POV video of Skyrush at Hersheypark:

Note – This video was filmed by the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

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42 Responses

  1. Gearhart

    Wow, I'm used to hearing people complain about restraints but this ride seems to getting an avalanche of complaints. It's totally not going to stop me from riding it when I'm out there and it seems a common report is to go later in the day when the line goes way down, so that helps. Injuries are much more tolerable if the wait is short. I don't know whether to be terrified or excited, guess I'll find out in a couple weeks.

    • Dawn

      Good Luck to you, but don't say you weren't warned!

  2. Bob Reynolds

    We went to the preview this past Sunday night and ran right over to SkyRush with great expectations. After the first "hump" I could not enjoy the ride due to the intense pain across my thighs from the restraint. Instead of looking forward to air time I dreaded it. As we waited to unload all I could think of was getting the restraint off. I have muscle bruises that resulted in two days of painful walking around HersheyPark. We go annually to Hershey and love all the coasters. This is one coaster I will never ride again unless they modify the restraints. We still enjoyed our visit but it was disappointing after much anticipation for SkyRush.

  3. Dawn

    I am telling you, DO NOT RIDE THIS RIDE. My family and I rode the Thigh Crush today and my 11 yr old daughter was agonizing in pain the entire ride and was all out bawling by the time the ride ended with the pain in her upper thighs. I myself was holding in a tear or two from the SEVER squeeze/pressure that was crushing my upper thighs as well.

    After the ride is over there is about a 1-2 minute wait for the car in front to load passengers, which is just more torture while this lap bar is pressing you like a vice!! I'm not even going to comment about how the ride was because when your in such pain, you can't think of anything else!

    We did go to Guest Services and tell them about our experience and suggest anyone else does as well so they can change it. This was the absolute worst roller coaster I've ever been on in my 30 years of "experience" and yes, I do love roller coasters.

  4. LinaSkye

    I have ridden Skyrush (Thighcrush) three times now. The first time, the lapbar hurt me so badly that I ended up with broken blood vessels behind my right calf and a fluid filled left foot. So YES, injuries really do happen on coasters. It was the most horrific ride on a coaster I had ever had. Every time I saw another airtime hill coming up, I'd think to myself, "no…no…nononononoNOOOO!! OW!!!" I swore never again.

    Then I started to think more about the ride, and I started to get confused. I had loved the first drop, and the winged seats made the overbanked turns seem like I was almost upside down. The airtime was plentiful and all extreme ejector type. Was the pain really THAT bad? Could I have injured myself doing something else or at Dorney Park the next day?

    So today I went back after work and rode Skyrush again. I sat in the second row, center left seat. I pushed my lapbar down as loosely as possible, to the point where I was definitely unsafely restrained, and no more. By the end of the first drop, the bar had tightened, and I experienced some pain, but nothing like my first ride.

    Then I went back for another ride since I actually enjoyed my first ride of the evening. I sat in the last row, left wing seat. The ride operator stapled me in even though I begged him not to, and the pain was back in full force. Plus, the back has moments of pretty severe vibration and jostling.

    This coaster is a ton of fun if you can get a lenient ride op who will give you some leeway. By the time you're back in the station, you're still in pain, but it is not nearly as bad. If they could get the restraints right, this ride would be a short but solid 8.5/10.

  5. Brian in MD

    I haven't commented in a long time but had to put my 2 cents worth in for this ride…

    After reading all of the negative reviews, I simply cannot understand where all the gripes are coming from. I rode Skyrush 3 times on Thursday, sat on both sides and once in a middle seat, 3rd row twice and 5th row once. And it was easily my new favorite coaster in the park. I was actually raving to my friends how cool the seats and restraints are, how they almost encourage you to lean into them like riding a motorcycle and how they were painless for a guy (unlike Superman @ six flags america and Millenium Force's nutcracker restraints). I experienced NO pain whatsoever. NO grey-outs (and I still grey-out on Intimidator 305 even with the changes). Absolutely nothing negative to say about this ride except it is over too soon. I could ride this thing over and over again. I rated it a 10. I sincerely hope that everyone's complaints are mostly hyperbole and hersheypark does nothing to this excellent coaster. Unfortunately, I'm sure that isn't the case and all of this will make hershey give up on building larger, faster, more thrilling coasters in the future, as well as add headbanging OTSRs, and maybe even trims on the drop to skyrush. skyrush and the park as a whole will suffer because of it. Not financially per se, just in the eyes of a thrill seeker.

    I guess I will just have to go to hersheypark and ride skyrush as much as possible before things change, most likely for the worse. What a shame.

  6. Frank Jackson

    Great ride but the leg issue is for real…very very sore afterwards. You don't feel the pain until the first drop or feel Gs…it's your own counterweight against the bar that causes it…

  7. Frank Jackson

    oh , the unloading issue is a pain. The make people get off the ride on the same side people get on…so stupid! Bad planning for sure.