Rave Reviews of X-Flight, Now Open at Six Flags Great America

X-Flight - Flight Tower - Six Flags Great America

X-Flight opened last week and from the footage I’ve been seeing, the ride looks incredible. Just as the animated videos and images showed, X-Flight is packed with inversions and great looking near-misses. I’m still feeling pretty good about picking it as my most anticipated roller coaster of 2012. Here’s a sample of some of the rave reviews that X-Flight has been receiving:

I got four rides on it today, and it didn’t disappoint. The hang time on the first drop-version is solid regardless of where you’re sitting, and everything that follows is an element or strong transition to an element. The headchopper after the keyhole is cringeworthy, because that roll seems to go on forever. – CMV on Theme Park Review

I rode X-Flight earlier today, and it greatly exceeded my expectations. The forces are strong, although very tolerable, and the ride is flat out fun. Everything about this ride is great for its own reason, with the inverted drop and key hole being my favorite parts. The barrel roll takes a seemingly long time to maneuver, and is one of my favorite inversions. The ride is also one of the smoothest I’ve ridden. – Airtime & Gravity on Theme Park Review

Here’s an off-ride video of X-Flightwith some awesome views of the near-misses and the Foo Fighters providing the sound track:

At 2:19 you can see an amazing ‘indoor’ view of a train going through the flight tower.

I rode it 4 times today in all different parts of the train and its just flat out fun. Good forces in the front and back with great hang time in the middle. I personally think the best seat is front row on the right wing, because you are literally hanging upside for the majority of the first drop and you get to see that control tower coming right at you. Plus you get a good look at all of the brakes and friction wheels. I think Six Flags has a winner. – Commando on Theme Park Review

And here’s a POV video of X-Flight at Six Flags Great America:

Note – This video was filmed by professionals with permission from the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

The “each seat provides a different ride experience” statement is especially true when the train maneuvers the first drop. Right-side riders dip down, and left-side riders dip up as the train slowly travels through the twist into the dive drop. – John on Coaster 101

I’m still planning on making it out to Six Flags Great America later this summer. So, check back for my own review of the ride in a few months.

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