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Apocalypse at Six Flags America

Apocalypse Now Open at Six Flags America

The foretold zombie apocalypse is here! Or, at least Six Flags America’s Apocalypse roller coaster is open. Sorry to get your hopes up. Anyway, the Washington D.C.-area park now has their first new roller coaster in what seems like an eternity. While it’s actually a not a completely new ride (formerly Iron Wolf at Six Flags Great America), I have to give them credit for the great job they did re-theming and refurbishing the ride. It’s got a great, unusual color scheme, wrecked planes through out its course, misters and a flame.

Here are some early reviews of Apocalypse at Six Flags America:

There are not that many rough transitions. I wish the ride was longer. The loop is pretty smooth and it really doesn’t have much headbang – Larry Theme Park Review Video

I will admit as skeptical I am with Six Flags America they did such a AWESOME job with this coaster! The theming is awesome – I give them 11 out of 10 on it! The ride was not really open to the public all day as advertised but I did get 3 rides in (back, middle, and front). I will say this… the coaster is good for this park. They finally got something after 10 years and that makes me happy with this being my home park – alilstronger on Theme Park Review

And here’s a video of Apocalypse at Six Flags America. Warning– From the videos start to 2:45 there are ZOMBIES riding Apocalypse. From then on it’s there’s a reverse POV with a representative from Theme Park Review.

This second video is probably more interesting to me personally than it may be to others, but it features a news anchor I remember from when I lived in the D.C.-area, Six Flags Chief Engineer Larry Chickola (also behind the New Texas Giant), a female(!) ACE representative, and a train full of zombies.

Note – These videos were filmed by the park. For safety reasons, please DO NOT take a camera on a roller coaster.

I’m not sure Apocalypse is a must ride (I ranked it 9 on the Top 11 New Coasters) new coaster, but it’s definitely some much needed rain in the coaster drowt that Six Flags America fans have endured.
See a full report from Media Day including tons of photos (with zombies).
Visit Six Flags America’s official Apocalypse page.

Apocalypse - Six Flags America

Believe It Or Not – Smaller Could Be Better

While a small stand-up coaster is the most exciting attraction from some enthusiasts’ view, it’s likely more ridable and for that reason more accessible by the masses. While I loved Chang when it was at Kentucky Kingdom, there were many complaints about the ride when it re-surfaced as Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure. And I’m not the only one who experienced a good bit of leg pain on Cedar Point’s Mantis. My experiences were matched by tens of other reviews on that post. I think stand-ups are dead for now and we’re not likely to see new installations as the trend has moved to other types. But part of me wonders if they would have been more successful if they stayed a little smaller.

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