T-Rex and Steel Force - Dorney Park

Dinosaurs Alive! Reviews

Theme park chain Cedar Fair has been adding Windseekers (jumbo 300-foot tall swing rides) and Dinosaurs Alive attractions to their parks. For a $5.00 fee guests can enter a dinosaur park where they’ll encounter dozens of life-sized animatronic and stationary dinos. According to Wikipedia, Dinosaurs Alive! is currently at five Cedar Fair parks. The table to right lists the parks, the number of dinosaurs, and the path length.

Here’s a video of Dinosaurs Alive! at Dorney Park:

Note – This video was filmed by dinosaur experts. For safety reasons, do not approach animatronic dinosaurs and try to film them!

Is Dinosaurs Alive Worth It?

T-Rex and Steel Force - Dorney Park

Since Dinosaurs Alive is an upcharge atttraction, meaning there’s an additional cost on top of park admission, the burning question is whether it’s worth it. I’ve always liked dinosaurs and once aspired to be a paleontologist. Shout out to my all-time favorite the anklyosaurus!

Anyway, I’ve yet to experience Dinosaurs Alive for myself, but I’d like to hear from people who have checked it out. After seeing this video I have to say that I’m more excited to check it out. I can also say that I won’t be taking my daughters anytime soon. They’d be scared half to death!

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