Theme park chain Cedar Fair has been adding Windseekers (jumbo 300-foot tall swing rides) and Dinosaurs Alive attractions to their parks. For a $5.00 fee guests can enter a dinosaur park where they’ll encounter dozens of life-sized animatronic and stationary dinos. According to Wikipedia, Dinosaurs Alive! is currently at five Cedar Fair parks. The table to right lists the parks, the number of dinosaurs, and the path length.

Here’s a video of Dinosaurs Alive! at Dorney Park:

Note – This video was filmed by dinosaur experts. For safety reasons, do not approach animatronic dinosaurs and try to film them!

Is Dinosaurs Alive Worth It?

T-Rex and Steel Force - Dorney Park

Since Dinosaurs Alive is an upcharge atttraction, meaning there’s an additional cost on top of park admission, the burning question is whether it’s worth it. I’ve always liked dinosaurs and once aspired to be a paleontologist. Shout out to my all-time favorite the anklyosaurus!

Anyway, I’ve yet to experience Dinosaurs Alive for myself, but I’d like to hear from people who have checked it out. After seeing this video I have to say that I’m more excited to check it out. I can also say that I won’t be taking my daughters anytime soon. They’d be scared half to death!

What’s your take? Give your own review of Dinosaurs Alive! and vote in the poll below.[poll id=”76″]Image 1 via CC Flickr user Lehigh Valley PA

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  1. Cade

    Not worth it. The only reason I went on it a Cedar Point is because it gave me an opportunity to go on Millennium Island.

  2. DRU

    I checked out the one at Kings Dominion last week. I thought it was very cool. It's in the woods below the go-carts and next to Grizzly. I only checked it out because the wife and kid were with me. I am a discovery channel geek and was very surprised about how many cool looking dinosaurs they had that I had never seen before. Most if not all of them were animatronic. A bunch of them were interactive. They had a small control panel where you could press different buttons to make different parts of the dinosaurs body move etc. They also had a lot of cool sound effects going on to make it seem as if there were dinosaurs roaming around just out of sight. Deep bass subwoofers so you even felt their foot steps. I bet it would even be a bit scary at night. Also a "Dig" spot where the kids can dig around in a huge sandbox around a bunch of dinosaur fossils. I would recommend it for the family for sure.

    About the Windseekers. I think they are also a great family ride. Sick views and a lot longer but less intense ride than a drop tower.

    • The Coaster Critic

      It's crazy how much my old home park has changed. Does Grizzly still seem like it's in the woods or did they clear out that area some for the dinos?

      Anyway, it looks really cool and my family will definitely be check out one of these at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if Carowinds was one of the next parks.

      Thanks for the review Dru.

      • BrachPhotography

        Grizzly itself is still in the deep woods of Kings Dominion. The tree removal for Dinosaurs Alive was minimal. The park drastically reduced the entrance queue path, and rerouted the exit path for Grizzly. Entrance to Grizzly and Dinosaurs Alive is now at the point where both the exit and entrance queue lines would split/join the walkway. If you follow my site in the next month or two, I will have an interactive 360 degree movie of the entrance/exit for Dinosaurs Alive and Grizzly.


    • dragster dude

      Windseekers are not good family rides because of their 52 inch height requirements. Dinosaurs Alive is also a bad attraction because it takes up the space that a new coaster could occupy.

  3. Prof.BAM

    Keep it away from Valleyfair! Only Cedar Point's looks intiguing because of the angles you could get of Millenium Force.

  4. jjhobo

    I dont think after paying the entrance fee for a park id bother paying extra for something like this, with or without children. Surely there is enough in the normal park to be doing without going to this aswell, it just makes an expensive day out, if you are buying food and drink. Is it possible to go this attraction without paying the entrance fee for the park so you can do them both on different days?

  5. delahoussaye

    this stuff is horrible , if you want a good dinosaur atracttion just go to disney worlds dinousaur ride the dinosaurs there are very life like unlike the ones at cedar fair .

  6. swimfreak

    Im not going to lie. I like going dinosaur hunting on millinoum force. (If you don't know Dinosaurs Alive is below it part of the ride). But over all it dosen't seen worth it.

  7. James

    I went to Dorney Park for two days and went through Dinosaurs Alive! and it was pretty cool. I recommand taking children from 7-12 because I took my little brother (he's 5) and when the dinosaurs moved he was really scared. Overall, being a 13 year old, I really enjoyed it and would go again.

  8. Matt

    I think it is worth it. 5 dollars isn't too much, and it is a cool experience. I have only experienced Dorney's Dinosaur's Alive! and I must say it impressed me more than I thought. It was alot longer than I thought, and it was interactive with some of the dinosaurs because you could press buttons and make parts of their body move. There are different scenes in which Dinosaurs are being attacked, stuck in mud, etc. Overall, I think Dinosaur's Alive! is an interesting and entertaining attraction that should be experienced by anyone who has never been in it before. However, to pay for it each time you go to the park is crazy. Doing it once or twice is enough.

  9. Amber

    It was all right but when I go to cedar point again, I will skip the dino. alive. What you get for your 5 dollars is the dino. making noises, sometimes moving and fun facts that you probably can find on the internet. We were the only ones in the dino. alive and now I understand why.


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