Gatekeeper – Cedar Point’s 2013 Roller Coaster

UPDATE 8/13 – Cedar Point is scheduled to announce their new roller coaster today. See images and read about Cedar Point’s 2013 wing coaster Gatekeeper.

Outlaw Run – Silver Dollar City’s Looping Wooden Roller Coaster

UPDATE 8/10 – Silver Dollar City announced the details of their new roller coaster. It will be called Outlaw Run. It will feature three loops and it will be a wooden coaster with steel topper track. See a teaser video and read more about Silver Dollar City’s Outlaw Run.

It’s never too early to talk about next year’s rumored roller coasters. There are a few really big rides rumored for 2013. Here’s a list of the roller coasters that I’ve heard about in order of my excitement for them:

6 – White Lightning at Fun Spot Action Park

GCI might have a busy year on their hands in 2013. A while ago, Fun Spot Action Park (Orlando, FL) announced expansion plans that included a compact woodie that’s been dubbed White Lightning. I like that the park decided to go with a wooden coaster with so few woodies in Florida. And I’ll definitely pop in for White Lightning the next time I’m in town for the larger Orlando parks. Read more about Fun Spot’s expansion plans: Does Orlando Have Room for Fun Spot’s Expansion?
GCI Wooden Roller Coaster Coming to Fun Spot Action Park

5 – A Comeback Coaster for California’s Great America?

Could a rumored new woodie and a shift in direction save this Bay area park? A while ago I wrote about California’s Great America’s rumored plans for a 2013 woodie. As the rumor goes, Cedar Fair was unable to sell the park so plan b was to invest in it and try to make it work. Believe it or not, this could be the park’s first new roller coaster in 12 years if it opens in 2013! That’s quite a drought. Read more: California’s Great America’s Rumored 2013 WoodieCalifornia Great America's Rumored 2013 Wooden Coaster

4 – Morey’s Piers Pier Connecting Woodie – 2013/2014

Possible Names: Wildwoody or Boardwalk Flyer
Morey’s Piers announced plans for a 2013 woodie last year, but I haven’t seen much since. I’m hoping that it’s not delayed, but construction should have started by now and I haven’t seen or heard much. An article describes the coaster as: “a $10 million wooden roller coaster that will dive under the boardwalk and stretch out to bridge together two of the piers — a first in the realm of seaside attractions.” The design looks really cool and I’d love to re-visit this great sea-side amusement park. Anyone know more about this project? Here’s the article from over a year ago: Morey’s Piers: Bigger, Better, Faster
Morey's Piers - 2013 Roller Coaster

3 – Cedar Point’s Superlative Wing Roller Coaster

A leaked memo a few weeks ago shed light on a main gate, show-stopper of sorts that will go from end-to-end at the front of Cedar Point. The roller coaster is rumored to be a B&M wing coaster similar to Wild Eagle and X-Flight. In typical Cedar Point fashion, the coaster may top all other wing coasters by being the tallest, largest, fastest, steely-est, shiny-est, etc. Read more: Cedar Point to Build a Wing Coaster in 2013

2 – Silver Dollar City’s Rock Mountain Hybrid Coaster

Rumored Name – The Outlaw
One of the most interesting new coasters may be Silver Dollar City’s rumored (well, it’s actually being put together on-site, so it’s not a rumor at this point) hybrid coaster. If it’s in the same vein as the Top Ten ranking New Texas Giant then I’ll be hopping on a plane to Missouri in 2013. Read more: Silver Dollar City’s 2013 RMC Coaster

Move Along Folks, Nothing to See Here
I understand that parks want to promote their current new attractions, but keeping quiet while there’s a mammoth growing in the woods is kind of comical. At 30 seconds you get a glimpse of the lift and pre-drop. Then after the train exits the tunnel guests eyes are likely popping out of their sockets as the “Outlaw’s” support structure looks huge up close (start at about 50 seconds so you get a little build up):

It’s hard to see a whole lot other than the lift, but SDCFans has some construction photos.

1 – Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Potentially Epic Answer to Maverick

Rumored Name – Full Throttle
A massive double-launching terrain roller coaster could raise this Cali theme park’s thrill level yet another notch higher. After a small and some would say gimmicky 2011 coaster in Green Lantern, Magic Mountain could be following up with a bonafide monster of a coaster. If rumors are true this 6,000-foot long thrill ride may use an old monorail tunnel and the park’s unique hilly terrain. If that wasn’t enough it’s also rumored to be shooting for the record of the World’s highest inversion. Read more: Full Throttle – Magic Mountain’s Rumored 2013 Roller Coaster

If you’re a world-traveler or just a really big coaster geek, here’s RCDB’s mostly international list of 2013 coasters. I’m not sure what Duane’s criteria is for adding coasters whether it be photos of track showing up at the parks or what.

Did I miss any big rumored rides for 2013? Which rides are you most excited about? Leave a comment below and if you mention a rumor, help us out and post a link to a source.

15 Responses

  1. Rider 118462

    Isn't there rumored to be a Wing Coaster that's taking Bizzaro's place?

  2. Cade

    I feel like Cedar Points roller coaster will be better than the RMC coaster. But if you come to Missouri, stop by Six Flags St. Louis. Its nothing great, but maybe we will get a new roller coaster next year.

  3. jjhobo

    Still no Mega Lite or Woodie for the UK, im beginning to lose hope!

    You guys over the pond are so lucky to have all these new rides

  4. Prof.BAM

    Valleyfair! has removed both minigolf and ampitheatre this offseason. It's been rumored that we're getting something. There has also been word of survey markers around Antique Autos. We've been rumored since 2009 for a B&M invert. It better be coming!

    • The Coaster Critic

      Thanks for mentioning that Prof. BAM. Nothing on Scream Scape yet, but Valleyfair Zone has some scuttle. This is especially helpful as I was trying to decide between Valleyfair/Nick Universe versus SF St. Louis. Maybe I'll go with SF STL this year and go to VF in 2014.

  5. anoymnous

    Speaking of new roller coasters, me and my friend were at six flags great adventure. We were on Congo rapids and nitro and saw a good couple of cleared acres. We were wondering if they were going to remove bizarro or what would happen in 2013.

    • Gearhart

      I went on both Congo and Nitro last thursday and didn't see any new clearing back there, and I don't really think Bizarro will be leaving anytime soon as they spent all that money to retheme it just a few years back. Besides, Green Lantern is still fairly "new" so I would be (pleasantly) surprised if a sizeable new coaster were built so soon.

  6. RCT Pro

    The Outlaw/the ride that's just an illusion , is my number one 2013 coaster, and this link ( is one of the many reasons, the pictures show what appears to be at first a n overbank that wasn't built right, but if you look closer, it may just be a Zero-G-Roll on a wooden roller coaster! And what is shown of the layout just looks AMAZING, plus I'm guessing that it'll be at least 4,000ft long if not at least a mile. SDC and RMC are going all out on this ride, and i like that, plus the mystery of what happens in the valley is also intriguing. But it then goes SW7 at Alton Towers, which has ALL of the planning documents pubic and should be in the 2013 list on RCDB,the compact layout and many twists and turns looks fantastic, but just doesn't measure up to 'Outlaw', then comes Full Throttle, mainly because the layout hasn't been shown yet. oh and the White Lightning picture is outdated since the layout has been made more thrilling, plus wood for the CGA woodie has appeared on site, so it's not a rumor anymore.

    • The Coaster Critic

      Thanks for sharing the Outlaw image. I saw a similar one on Screamscape a few days ago. In the next few days we may see something pretty ground-breaking. This is very exciting!

  7. Brian

    As a NJ native I hope the Morey's Pier one is true!

    Would be great to have an epic coaster on the shore, and connecting piers? Awesome. Sadly, it seems the least likely 🙁

    I already have a goal of Magic Mountain and CP in 2013 (the latter I go every year when possible) so bring it on!

    • CoasterCritic

      Good one Evan. It's too bad that I just went to that park last year. I don't see myself going back to San Antonio for a while, but The Rattler has so much potential. I'm excited for it's overhaul.

  8. Jeff Quayle

    Any rumors you've heard about Six Flags over Texas introducing a new roller coaster for 2013? A friend of mine works there and said they were removing Flashback to make way for The Green Lantern. Don't know if it is one similar to the Green Lantern (standup) at SF Great Adventure, or The Green Lantern (steel-4th dimension) at SF Magic Mountain.


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